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Haadiyah Sajid
Haadiyah Sajid
I'm Homeschooled!
At The Carnival With Amna
Published On Jun 10th 2010
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One day, Amna asked her mother, Asma, if she could go out to play at the carnival. Here is the talk:

Amna: Mum, can I go to the carnival with Ambreen, Noor, Fatimah, Leela and Sidra?

Mum: Yes you can. But make sure you keep together, and don’t forget the way home. Ask Ambreen to help you. She’s elder and knows more about the park than you.

Amna went to Ambreen’s house first of all. Ding-dong! Ambreen opened the gate. “Assalamu-Alaykum.” “Wa Alaykum Assalam.” “Oh, Ambreen! I forgot the money. We’re going to the carnival.” “Don’t worry, I have a pocketful. Let’s go.” The two friends set off for Noor’s house. Dingy Dong! “Hi, Assalamu Alaykum,” “Wa alaykum Assalam.” “Carnival?” “Yes.” At Sidra’s house: Fing ding ling! “Assalamu-Alaykum.” “Wa Alaykum Assalam.” “Are we going to the carnival?” “Yes.” “Yayyyyyy!” (The same at Leela’s house)

At the carnival, a man gives them five tickets, one for each kid. “Let’s go on the roller coaster first!” said Fatimah. “Ok!” replied Noor. A man was by the roller coaster. He was an Usibican. Ambreen knew more Usibic than anyone else. They gave him all their tickets. He counted them in Usibic: “Farsio, Safi, Damshish, Haour, Jambooria. Jambooria monsoor?” (Five kids?) “Gharyyx. (Yes.)” There was only enough room in one box of the roller coaster for four people. “Where shall I sit?” wailed Amna, looking at the congested four people in one box. Ambreen made Sidra sit on her lap. There was more space—but only enough for just one kid. Amna got in and everyone buckled up. “Hapsioro (ready?)” called the man. The whole crowd in the coaster shouted, “Famsio! (Absolutely!)” The man pulled up a crank, and ZOOOOOM went the coaster! Almost everybody was screaming (including Noor, Sidra, Fatimah, and Amna & Ambreen). First, the roller coaster kept going on a straight rail, but in no time at all it was going up a hill—very fast, too! And that only took a second, to get up the hill. And it took a second to come down again! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! But it also went upside-down a second! OOOOO! Then twist—turn—twist—turn—Tweest—until at last it got slower and slower and slower—Phamp! It stopped! There were sounds of “Ahhu Ahhu” and “I’m gonna vomit” and “I’ve had enough of this” and “I’m as dizzy as dizzy could be” e.t.c. But Amna, Ambreen, Noor, Sidra and Fatimah got up without a word. They got their tickets back. “Where next? Ahhu ahuu ahhu.” “The Adventure Slide!”

Fun as fun was that slide. First climb, then walk, then dip ‘n’ open, then shiver & run, then sweat and run, then jump! jump! jump!, then SLIDEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

And afterwards they went to the snack corner and had hot chocolate with chocolate juice.

“It was so much fun!” Amna told mum.

And it was!! THE END!!        
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Comments 3
Tooba Nice and amna plz dont write only i lke ur story Tooba
Apr 12th 2014
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
yamna Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like all your poems and stories Yamna
Oct 7th 2010

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