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Amara Anwar
Amara Anwar
Molly Makes A Friend
Published On May 31st 2010
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Molly monkey made a friend at school while playing ball.
Her new friend's name was Addy. She was pretty thin and tall. They weren't the best at sports, but they made playing lots of fun. They rooted for each other, even though they rarely won. As time went on they became pals and wanted to hang out; to spend more time together having fun without a doubt.
But Addy had a buddy who was scared to make new friends.
She thought that when one friendship starts, another friendship ends.
Her jealous friend was Liza, and she kept Molly away,
she took Addy the other way when Molly came to play.
And Addy would look back, while Liza pulled her out of sight, with a sad look on her face, because she knew it wasn't right.
So Molly played with her friend Betty, but still she was sad.
She thought about the good times she and Addy could have had.
She said to Betty, "I wish they would stop running away.
If we could all be friends, it would be much more fun to play."
Liza took Addy every day, the way she did before.
It seemed like they were playing a weird game of "Tug of War."
Molly pulled Addy one way, and Liza would pull away.
Poor Addy was confused, and did not know what she should say.
One day at school Molly found Addy walking in the hall.
At last they had a chance alone to talk about it all.
Molly told Addy that there was no need to run away.
They all would have more fun if Liza would just stay and play.

She wished that they could all be friends, but Liza would not try.
She kept on running off, and Molly wanted to know why.
Why couldn't they just all be friends? Why did she have to run?
Why was she jealous when Addy found others who were fun?
Addy told Molly she was right, and she was sorry too.
She promised Molly that her days of running were all through.
She said Liza was jealous and maybe a little scared,
but she would have a talk with her, because she really cared.
At lunch that day Addy told Liza things will have to change.
We have to stop running away. It is a little strange.
She said Molly would be her friend if she would let her be.
She said, "Why has just one friend, when you can have two or three?"
Just then Molly and Betty Came out looking for a seat.
And Addy called them over so together they could eat.
This time Liza did not run, she let them sit down and stay.
She was a little nervous, but she stayed there anyway.
Molly opened her lunch and found a cookie that looked sweet.
She offered Liza her delicious cookie as a treat.
And Liza took it gladly with a thank you and a smile,
for she could tell that being friends was going to be worthwhile.
From then on they were good friends and they had a lot of fun.
The four all played together everywhere under the sun.
They learned that it is always good to try to make new friends,
and when one friendship starts, it doesn't mean another ends.

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Comments 9
Sabeen Nice Sabeen
Nov 11th 2017
Fatima Nice Fatima
Jun 19th 2017
Ayesha Liked it! It has poem - like sentences. Rhyming words I mean! Great story! I can't say I am SPEECHLESS! Ayesha
May 29th 2017
fatima Your story is one of my favourites Fatima
Jun 6th 2014
xerac Love the moral....:) Xerac
Jan 6th 2012
Bareera Nycccc Bareera
Sep 9th 2011
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010

I want to appreciate Amara on writing a wonderful Fiction (Story) in Vshine world. I think Amara is a new member of Vshine!. meanwhile, it's an excellent story! Amara! read my stories too & comment on them!. See you again.

Jun 3rd 2010

This is actually a very good story. I really like the moral: To begin a new friendship you don't have to end the previous one. Keep up the good work.

May 31st 2010

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