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Wajeeha  Binte Sajid
Wajeeha Binte Sajid
Pakistan International School (english Section)
Published On Nov 4th 2011
Total Comments : 48
Total Views :  1416
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November 2011

Rank 7 Out of 10
Little Annie was waiting for her father to tell her a story. When her father entered she asked him, "Daddy, Which story are you going to tell me tonight??" Her father replied, "It’s about a wrecker called BILLY BONES."

He began his story, "Billy Bones used to wreck ships and then he stole the treasure from the ships!! He used a false light to guide or more like betray the ships to the sharp rocks along the coast and then Crash... the ships wrecked and he would not save a single soul but steal their treasures. BUT one day he was caught and taken to prison for this bad deed. But he left a note to his wife which said that he hid all the treasure from ship wrecking in a cave. But no one till this day found it!!"

"What a wicked man to let those beautiful ship and all the passenger drown!!" Annie exclaimed. Her father kissed her goodnight and went to the living room. He looked at a picture and thought, "Annie, Is that what you think of your grandfather?!!" Smiling he left the room.


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Comments 48
Zainab I sgree with anum. it's very very very very very brilliant Zainab
Feb 2nd 2018
Tooba MashAllah Allah has given such a great creativity keep it up Tooba
May 10th 2014
Anam So good story with unexpectable ending!!! Anam
Oct 29th 2013
Wajeeha It was basically staionery aand thnkx =) Wajeeha
Feb 20th 2013
Soha Wajeeha please tell me what you got in gift hamper please!!!!!!!!! and congrats! it's an amazing story. Would u like to be my friend? Soha
Dec 8th 2012
Wajeeha Aww!! thnkx a lot!!! =) Wajeeha
Nov 4th 2012
Momina You are soooooooo totally awesome at writing stories MASHALLAH!!!!!!!! Your story is very gooooooooooooood+great+awesome and I could say more but I do not have the time cause I wanna check out more stories. . . After reading this story i said," JAZAKALLAH she is a very good story writer you are awesome signed Momina also known as SilverHuntress Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Wajeeha Thnkz & yes i will rite another story =) Wajeeha
May 11th 2012
Emaan FANTABULOUS! tOTALLY AWESOME.You know,you were the winner of November,2011 and in that month its my birthday!I really liked this story and on my birthday (that is 12th November) Can you write another story?I simply LOVE your stories and your process of thinking is very positive. :) Emaan
May 2nd 2012
Wajeeha Thankx every1 for ur comments!=) Wajeeha
Feb 3rd 2012
Urooj Interesting........i like........congrates:)))) Urooj
Jan 23rd 2012
Junaid Awesome... Junaid
Jan 21st 2012
Aliza CONGRATSSSSSSSSS********* Aliza
Jan 12th 2012
areeba Well done and thankx for receiving my friend request!* Areeba
Jan 6th 2012
Ahmed I agree with azha!this story is similar to the famous five,the five go to the demons rocks!!!!!!you wrote all from that but a little is different!!btw its nyc! Ahmed
Dec 25th 2011
ayesha Wajeeha i also didnt get it..:'( its 25th n the next month winners will be soon announced..:"(( waiting anxiously Ayesha
Dec 25th 2011
@pple I like that to nice effort And congrats it has been published in Vshine magzine of January of 2012 @pple
Dec 25th 2011
Wajeeha No i did not get it yet! and thankx Wajeeha
Dec 24th 2011
Aiman Who,s the hell of you writing comments using my name its bad to steal other password Aiman
Dec 23rd 2011
ayesha Hey wajiha have u recieved ur gift? btw awsum! :)) Ayesha
Dec 21st 2011
Wajeeha Thankx alina and syed saad even if u say its stupid it wont make my story stupid cuz ever1 except peopl lyk u dont know Wajeeha
Dec 21st 2011
syed saad Boring and stupid Syed Saad
Dec 20th 2011
Wajeeha Its okay and everyone makes mistakes but its not ur mistake so dont worry i accept ur apology =) Wajeeha
Dec 20th 2011
alina This an awesome story..... Alina
Dec 19th 2011
Wajeeha Its ok everyone makes mistakes besides its not ur fault! Wajeeha
Dec 17th 2011
Aiman Wajeeha i am soooo sorry my stupid idiot brother must have written bad comments in your story it i promise you i had not open my account on vshine for 4 weeks bcoz i was in karachi with my father only. i am sooo sorry .i had read your story now the wreckers its amazing Aiman
Dec 16th 2011
Aiman HEY sorry wajeeha i did,nt wrote this i am sure my brother had written it he is the only person who knows my ID and password i have read it know i am saying you sorry again i am very disapointed sorry. Aiman
Dec 16th 2011
Wajeeha Thank you Simra, Salwa, Liz, Tashiba and Iman Wajeeha
Dec 15th 2011
hamza Nyc.........congrats on ur success Hamza
Dec 11th 2011
iman V.intresting n congratzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! =) Iman
Dec 11th 2011
fatima Very good and nice story and congratulations!!!!! Fatima
Dec 7th 2011
simra Little annie his grandfather has not expect it Simra
Dec 6th 2011
Salwa Congratssssssss.....!! Salwa
Dec 5th 2011
Wajeeha Even i read only the first part of the famous five in which georgina is poor but i will try to read five go to demon rocks! thankx Wajeeha
Dec 3rd 2011
Azka This story is quite similar to the book,' The Famous Five- Five go to demon's Rocks' n congrats to b the winner!!!! Azka
Dec 3rd 2011
Wajeeha Thank you Laiba and Alyina Wajeeha
Dec 2nd 2011
Alyina Aiman you should not call every story boring Alyina
Dec 2nd 2011
Laiba Congrats Wajeeha!!! Laiba
Dec 2nd 2011
Wajeeha Thank you Ahmed!! Wajeeha
Dec 1st 2011
Ahmed Little n nic poem congrats to be a winner Ahmed
Dec 1st 2011
Wajeeha Thankx Wajeeha
Nov 29th 2011
Bareera Wow Bareera
Nov 28th 2011
l Wow.......Very intresting...... L
Nov 25th 2011
Wajeeha Well sorry you did not find it entertaining but I thought that its really nice :P Wajeeha
Nov 16th 2011
Nov 15th 2011
Izza EID has come... Izza
Nov 9th 2011
Wajeeha Yes he was the grandfather. thankx Wajeeha
Nov 5th 2011
Momina The man was annies grandfayher. nice Momina
Nov 4th 2011

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