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Syeda Tahira Iqbal
Syeda Tahira Iqbal
Ibn Seena English High School
The Reality Of The Day Of Judgment
Published On Nov 4th 2011
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When the sun will rise from the west and will be folded within the sky,
And then we will have forty years to live that time the people will cry,
Then they will beg Allah to make him forgive there lies,
But there will be things much worse to see,
That how fast the time will flee,
After those years the trumpet will blow,
You will see how the horrible sound will flow,
Mountains will be flying like cottons,
That day will be very rotten,
All the verses and the chapters from the Quran will disappear,
No good things on that day will appear,
All the dead souls will rise from Allah’s command,
And then no one will be summoned from there horrible sins,
The punishment will be much worse than pocking pins,
No one will remember anything except being full of fear,
Those who were good Muslims won’t care,
Because those who did good will get a possession of share,
They will be rewarded in paradise,
But the non Muslims won’t survive,
The penalty they have to pay,
Will be much worse than you can ever say,
The will be punished in hellfire,
Because they were big liars,
Now do you understand why should we fear?
Only if you come to know the dark secrets you heart will tear,
If you know the secrets you will try to save yourself from the torment you cannot bear....

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Comments 14
Daniyal This poem is out of the world[means gud] Daniyal
Nov 16th 2012
syeda tahira Thank u alina Syeda Tahira
Dec 21st 2011
alina I love this poem....Because it explains the reality in simple words in the form of poem.... Alina
Dec 19th 2011
syeda tahira Aww thank u azka but i already won for another poem called ice cream Syeda Tahira
Dec 3rd 2011
Azka U definitely will b the winner Azka
Dec 3rd 2011
syeda tahira Thanx every1 again fr thr wondrful cmmnts special thanx 2 alina daniyal and momina Syeda Tahira
Nov 28th 2011
Momina Okay, great poem, but I'm getting the creeps. (Mashallah) Momina
Nov 28th 2011
xxAngelxx Awsom!!!!!! Xxangelxx
Nov 9th 2011
syed saad This is giving me scares Syed Saad
Nov 7th 2011
syeda tahira Thank u daniyal once again Syeda Tahira
Nov 7th 2011
syeda tahira Thank you alina and ashraf thank you a lot Syeda Tahira
Nov 6th 2011
Daniyal I LIKE IT.......... Daniyal
Nov 5th 2011
Nov 5th 2011
alina An Excellent poem....You deserves to win.... Alina
Nov 4th 2011

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