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Alina Salman
Alina Salman
Dawood Public School
Never Give Up!!!
Published On Nov 2nd 2011
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Helen was a modest, hard working, helping, caring and truthful girl. That is why she has many friends in her school. She was famous for her good grades. All the teachers in her school love her a lot and always give her responsibility of different things. All the students in her class always have the same complaint that the teachers always prefer Helen for the work and participation. This causes jealousy among her class mates for her. But she did not take any notice. This year as well she passed in her next class with good grades. This was her last year in her school. She was then moving to England for rest of her studies. Many class fellows were very happy that she is leaving the country specially the school while some were sad. But who knows the truth behind the curtains??...She was actually not moving especially because of her studies but because her grandmother with whom she lived, died and now she was alone in the whole world. No one knows that she don’t have her parents. Her parents died when Helen was only seven months old in car accident. Helen was then living with her grandmother alone in her big old home. Her grand mother never told her the truth; she only knows that her father lives abroad. The real secret was revealed when her grandmother was in the hospital counting her last breathes. She called Helen and spoke to her “My dear! I will be no more able to live with you. As you know I am very old. This is the box with some pictures and letters in it please read it after my death and do what is written in it. It will help you to live rest of your life peacefully.” This was Helen’s Grandmother’s last words. After two to five days Helen pick up the box and gently open it. She first read the letter which says:
“My Dear Helen today I wanted to tell you the biggest secret of your life. Please forgive me but all these things I have done was only for you. As now you are 17 years old I think that you can manage your self. Actually I am not your real mother and the father from whom sometimes you usually talked was not your real father either. He was my neighbor who helped us. Your real mother and father have died in a car accident when you were only seven months old. You were lucky that you were saved. I hope you can understand. Now as you know that you are alone in the whole world so don’t be worried I have managed all things before my death. In England there is an orphanage you are just going to shift there in two days. They will keep you happy it is my promise. No matter how big the grief is but we should never give up and as you know that the things we don’t get in this world we will get it hereafter. Now I want you to complete your studies and to fulfill your parents dream. When you were born your father said “I will keep my daughter like a princess. Her name will be Helen and she will be Doctor once she will be grown up.” Your mother said “It is our promise. Our daughter will be the best. We will provide her with all the things.” But who knows that they cannot fulfill their promise. I hope you will fulfill their dreams. The pictures of your real parents are given in another envelope. Just dial the number given below the pamphlet of the orphanage and let them know that you need a maid and a home. They will help you and then remember complete your studies in the college where they give you opportunity to study, because you have to fulfill your parent’s dream. PLEASE FORGIVE ME AGAIN AND DON’T LOOSE YOUR HOPE AND NEVER GIVE UP WHATEVER THE WORLD SAYS BECAUSE THIS IS THE RULE OF LIVING LIFE. Regards: Yours FAKE MOTHER BUT REAL GRANDMOTHER.”
Helen quickly wrapped the envelope and then hurriedly opened another envelope to see the photo of her real parents with soaked eyes. Then she burst into tears and said in low voice “I am not lucky, instead I am very, very unlucky. She then put all the envelopes again in the box and dialed the number given on the pamphlet. After few days her new life started, she worked hard and study. One day comes when she was the Doctor. Now she was called “Dr. Helen”. She remembered her grandmother’s letter and did not loose her hope and even she never thought to give up.

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Comments 21
Anam So touchy i cried after reading this Anam
Oct 29th 2013
Amna Alina u too in Dawood.......Gr8......are u in grade 5?????Reply me soon on my screen...... Amna
Jan 19th 2013
Maham Owsum alina Maham
Sep 8th 2012
Urooj G00d.........interestinggg:)))00 Urooj
Jan 23rd 2012
alina Thanky every1...!!! Alina
Dec 19th 2011
Arshia I am arshia............. yup i live in pk Arshia
Dec 6th 2011
Alyina Do u live in pakistan arisha? Alyina
Dec 2nd 2011
Arshia Alina isn't replying baseera. and she have not even met me.. chance hi nahi mil raha Arshia
Nov 29th 2011
Bareera Have u met Arshia in ur skool? Bareera
Nov 28th 2011
Arshia Hey.. nice essay... i wanna say that do u want to purchase any reference book from me? i have a science book, islamiat and few story books.. if u want just inform me... Arshia
Nov 26th 2011
Tooba Best story i have read yet ! kep it up!!! Tooba
Nov 22nd 2011
hamza Gud moral but toooooooooo long Hamza
Nov 17th 2011
fasih Great story Fasih
Nov 17th 2011
Aiman Excellent eleborations of ideas keep it up alina :) Aiman
Nov 16th 2011
Syed Zohan Very Good I like it Syed Zohan
Nov 15th 2011
Abdullah Great I liked it alot Abdullah
Nov 9th 2011
Abdullah Great I liked it alot Abdullah
Nov 9th 2011
Kainat Thnx fr gvng nyc teachng.... Kainat
Nov 8th 2011
fatima Really! we should never give up and must try to discover value in our selves!well great story! Fatima
Nov 8th 2011
anusheh You are right Alina and thank you for making me stronger! Anusheh
Nov 7th 2011
Momina Nice story Momina
Nov 4th 2011

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