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Aqsa Gul
Aqsa Gul
Published On Nov 15th 2011
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Can you tell me one animal which have no hair or tail???         

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Comments 48
Zainab Frog Zainab
Jan 30th 2018
Soha Aqsa, please tell the answer!!!!! Please! Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Soha Hmmmmm.... Maybe a frog or a snake or......... I don't know!!! tell the answer!!!!! Please!! Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Tuaseen I think itsa frog.... or may be a whale ...letsss see m i rite???? ....:p Tuaseen
Dec 25th 2012
Ali Whats the answer plz tell Ali
Jun 20th 2012
Rida Frog Rida
Mar 20th 2012
Ramis Frog Ramis
Mar 20th 2012
ayesha A turtle has a tail, a frog has it too.... and so does a hen i dont know....:( Ayesha
Mar 18th 2012
Princess Hajra No idea please tell me the answer Princess Hajra
Mar 16th 2012
M. Hashir ER......... I THINK FROG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M. Hashir
Feb 18th 2012
Ayesha Snake-frog Ayesha
Feb 10th 2012
mary Whale and shark have tail Mary
Jan 5th 2012
unaiza What is the answer??????????????? Unaiza
Jan 2nd 2012
Zahra Mouse have a tale Zahra
Dec 22nd 2011
Sairam A fish! Sairam
Dec 16th 2011
syed Frog, snake,and turtle, Syed
Dec 14th 2011
Omer Snake...of course snake...or frog.... Omer
Dec 11th 2011
simra Hey alina do you know faryal- M F sisters i m his friend simra plzzzzzzz accept my request and congrtz for interview of ms:cow Simra
Dec 9th 2011
simra A frog don't have tail but a taidpole has Simra
Dec 9th 2011
syeda Frog Syeda
Dec 9th 2011
simra How can be a mouse or hen a mouse has tail and a hen has hairs Simra
Dec 8th 2011
usaidkhan THERE ARE LOTS OF THEM Usaidkhan
Dec 4th 2011
Wafa I join omama Wafa
Dec 3rd 2011
farheenanwer Snake...? Farheenanwer
Dec 2nd 2011
Disenchanted. Frog Disenchanted.
Dec 1st 2011
CHUHDARY Frog Chuhdary
Dec 1st 2011
abeera A frog ofcourse Abeera
Nov 30th 2011
Burhan Yes, you Burhan
Nov 29th 2011
Ayesha Frog Ayesha
Nov 29th 2011
khadija Snake Khadija
Nov 29th 2011
kaab It may be mouse Kaab
Nov 25th 2011
l Yeah it would be a frog..... L
Nov 25th 2011
Nov 25th 2011
Lana Del I think its a crocodile Lana Del
Nov 24th 2011
syed Frog Syed
Nov 22nd 2011
Saem I think its frog Saem
Nov 22nd 2011
Ariba Frog Ariba
Nov 20th 2011
zahra Frog Zahra
Nov 18th 2011
Aiman FROG Aiman
Nov 16th 2011
fasih Turtles Fasih
Nov 16th 2011
fasih Frog Fasih
Nov 16th 2011
Ayeza SNAKE!!! Ayeza
Nov 13th 2011
amal Please if you dont know the ans so dont write the ans plzzzzzzzzz okay. Amal
Nov 8th 2011
Tuaseen It should b a whale or a shark...snake has tale...!!! Tuaseen
Nov 6th 2011
Abeera Snake? Abeera
Nov 6th 2011
Farha Plz aqsa tell us answer Farha
Nov 5th 2011
Farha I think its snake Farha
Nov 3rd 2011
alina Hen...!!!??? Alina
Nov 2nd 2011

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