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Alina Salman
Alina Salman
Dawood Public School
Interview Of Ms. Cow
Published On Oct 31st 2011
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November 2011

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Me: Assalam -o- Alaikum
Ms. Cow: Moo!! Walaikum Assalam Moo!!
Me: Hope you are doing well...
Ms. Cow: Yes! I am having fun here. I like these small cute kids who regularly come to feed me and to touch me....
Me: Ouch!!Help I have no space to move…Whooo!! What a huge Cow is coming…Help!!
Ms. Cow: Hahahaha!! Don’t worry they will not say you anything …Let me ask them to move…
Ms. Cow to other animals: Moo!!!Mooo!!Mooaaoo….
Me: Aaah!! Thank you Ms. Cow for helping me…
Ms. Cow: Help!!What help???
Me: You ask your fellows to move a side so that I can stand right…???
Ms. Cow: Oh!! Yaa!! It is not help they would not say you anything...Any way, you are always welcome…
Me: Well …!! They were scary and anyway what did you said them??

Ms. Cow: I asked them that meet this girl she is from human community  to take my interview…Please don’t disturb her or else I will not get chance to give interview ever again…
Me: Okay…Ok!! Now let me begin my interview….
Ms. Cow: Sure!!Go ahead…
Me: So, What are your feelings about EID-UL-ADHA??Like you are exited or gloomy???
Ms. Cow: I am not feeling gloomy instead I am feeling double exited…But…. You know as I am going to be slaughter after nine days I am afraid of the pain and leaving my friends, Kids who come to feed me and of course in somewhere of my heart I am still feeling the pain that I have left my family…But you know I am happy that at least someone has selected me to be the sacrificial animal..And I am not afraid much but happy that I am going to be slaughter in the way of Allah…
Me: Oh!! And you know that when you are going to be slaughter you will not feel the pain even of one pin, by the way What is your name given by your new human family??
Ms.cow: hmmmm!!! They call me…..’RHINO’…You know that wrestler the fat one??

Me: yes!!Yes!! I remember my bro is his great fan!!!Well it is cool name…Well what is your most favorite food??
Ms. Cow: look all the cows and goats are herbivores but there are different choices that who eats which type of grass…So, My favorite food is Brown Grass and I also eat reeds…
Me: Are you happy here??Did any of the kids tease you??What do you love the most about the kids and what did you hate the most???Can you tell me the story that how did you leave your home and was brought here???
Ms. Cow: hmmmm…You make me sad by asking the story…I will tell you…Look I am very happy here .My master his wife and his one cutest young little girl treat like their family member..They always give me to eat fresh grass and reeds…I love them a lot….And yes I love the beauty of the kids..You know some kids know the manners how to treat animals specially sacrificial so I like their manners But some kids like the boy and her sister who are peeping from their window tease me a lot…By sometimes throwing my water away , hitting me by stones….I don’t like this habit..I want to eat them but what I can do I am not carnivore even you know what I am very kind hearted…Now I am telling you my story…AAAH! We all were living happy life in the farm…I have two sisters one has been slaughter last year and now only two of us has been left...Still we were sharing our sadness and happiness that once I saw a man wearing a turban, carrying one broad sharp stick , He was old and was wearing cotton clothes. He was talking to my dear kind best farmer…My farmer was old and rich but was not proud he treats us like his own sisters…Then The old man handed the bundle of hundred rupees notes and both of them came towards me..As I saw my farmer I said in excitement Mooooooooo….But after few moments that excitement changes into hope Mooooooooooooo towards my farmer and family…The old man hit me with his stick I spoke in hard voice mooo….After staring me well he untied my string from the tree and ………and…………grab my tail and started to walk…I screamed in pain and look with hopeful eyes towards my farmer…One of my sister tried to untie her string and to help me but the string was very tight…Ahhhahhhah……….And that was the day when my heart was broken into hundred pieces……The old man was very cruel…  Hmmmmmmmmmmm….
Tip!!!tip!!!!tippppp!!!(sound of Ms. Cows tears dripping on the ground)


Me:  (in sad tone) ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahh…..Control Ms. Cow control…. (As I pet the cow)…..If you can tell me then please can you tell me how does your sister was slaughtered???

Ms. Cow: Aaaaaaahhh…..That shiny morning. When farmer and his two sons took some grass fed my sister with it and then untied her….We know that our farmer was not cruel and that day it was EID-UL-ADHA…I understood the situation and before my sister left I pet her and lick her back with my tongue…She smiled…The in front of my eyes the most painful moment was that when my sis was slaughtered….We were left alone in grief..There was no one to help…And her last MOOOOOOOOOOO is still moving around my mind. That is it then I shut my eyes tightly and I don’t know what has happened next……Hmmmmm…….That mooooo0o….believe me I love my sis…MOOOOOOOOOOOO…..
Me: Okay Ms. Cow control yourself you are soon going to meet her in heaven INSHALLAH…And Yes thanks for the interview and do you want to give any message to our youngsters???
Ms. Cow: Sure…Guys please do not cut the animals before EID-UL-ADHA by grabbing them and pushing and pulling them cruelly…Be Happy.. And do good deeds so that I can meet you in Heaven….

Me: Now come on wipe your tears and lets have group photo.. Come on other cows and all the goats….
Say Cheese…



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Comments 29
AFNAN Long story with a gud message! Afnan
Feb 21st 2012
Maria Congratz....i read this interview in magazine/............. Maria
Feb 17th 2012
Wajeeha Congratz Alina ur story is published in V SHINE the January issue! =D Wajeeha
Jan 9th 2012
 wareesha Congratzzzzzzzz and your story was interesting Wareesha
Jan 5th 2012
Maham Alina ! you are really something!!!!!!!! Gr8 Maham
Jan 4th 2012
asma Poor poor ms cow but interview was not good it is verrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Asma
Jan 4th 2012
asma Poor poor ms cow but interview was not good it is verrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Asma
Jan 4th 2012
bushra Love it! Bushra
Dec 25th 2011
alina Thankxxxxxxx a lot........ Alina
Dec 19th 2011
muzna Marvellous Muzna
Dec 19th 2011
Dua Nice and interesting !! Dua
Dec 14th 2011
syeda Interesting Syeda
Dec 9th 2011
Areeba AwShm :)) LoVe iT Areeba
Dec 8th 2011
simra WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simra
Dec 6th 2011
Salwa Too long but good...:D congratzzzzzzz.... Salwa
Dec 5th 2011
Lionel Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Lionel
Dec 4th 2011
aamna But I DONT LIKE IT Aamna
Dec 3rd 2011
Laiba Congratulations Alina!!!!!!!! Laiba
Dec 3rd 2011
fatima It's too long but very interesting.Ms Cow was so nice!! Fatima
Nov 29th 2011
Tooba Its tooo long but very goood Tooba
Nov 22nd 2011
Aiman Excellent cooooooool you should win Aiman
Nov 16th 2011
Disenchanted. You should win! Disenchanted.
Nov 14th 2011
Momina Great story Mashallah Momina
Nov 5th 2011
Humaira Great Humaira
Nov 2nd 2011
aamna Very nice interview Aamna
Nov 2nd 2011
Bint waseem Its the COOOOOOOOOOOOLEST interview i have ever read...keep on workin dude!!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Nov 1st 2011
Arshia Good alina, i wish u cm to take the interview of my goats also... Arshia
Nov 1st 2011
Laiba Interesting!!!!!!!! Laiba
Nov 1st 2011
Aisha Wow, i am amazed!!! It is the best interview ever i just appreciate your efforts.... Aisha
Nov 1st 2011

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