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Mehwish Khan
Mehwish Khan
Ladybird Grammar School Cambridge Campus
How Johnny Went Over The Edge
Published On Oct 31st 2011
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Once there used to live a kind and humble boy named Johnny but he is no more now!! He’s dead! He used to sleep on a footpath he had some friends who used to bully him all the time they were Craig and Bruise. They were very naughty and bad they used to bully other kids and even beat them.
Once, as usual they went to a hill along with other kids on Sunday they decided to take JOHNNY and play a trick on him. they decided to play the blind fold game and asked Johnny to wear the blind fold and catch every one suddenly the 2 clever boys asked others to sit and they jumped off the hill with a rope holding them tightly. Then they started yelling so that they could call Johnny towards them and when Johnny came to the edge they didn't stop calling him and JOHNNY fall down all the kids just hurried to see him but they saw him dead. He was looking like a dead whale on the shore. The man watching them called police and Johnny’s father. His father was in shock and tried to wake him up hoping that he was acting but no he was DEAD!! The police investigated and Craig and bruise were proved guilty. Then they both learned their lesson for first and last time and decided never to bully again....
NOW Finally we came to know that how dangerous bullying others can be!! So prevent bullying it can even get you in trouble!! :)
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Comments 13
Anam Nice Anam
Nov 9th 2013
Umer Have you read step ahead 3 or studied in Junior-3? Because this story is taken from that book Umer
Apr 7th 2013
Disenchanted. But i still like it!!! Disenchanted.
Dec 4th 2011
Disenchanted. It is a sad story!!:( Disenchanted.
Dec 4th 2011
Tooba good Tooba
Nov 22nd 2011
Aiman Fine but morable Aiman
Nov 18th 2011
Mehwish Thnx MOMINA :) Mehwish
Nov 10th 2011
Momina Awesome story. i aappreciate your effort Momina
Nov 5th 2011
Mehwish Thnx guys :) Mehwish
Nov 4th 2011
aamna Nice story Aamna
Nov 2nd 2011
Bint waseem Gud!!!!! Bint Waseem
Nov 1st 2011
Mehwish Thnx Mehwish
Nov 1st 2011
Mahnoor Interesting....!!! Mahnoor
Oct 31st 2011

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