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Ahmed Saif
Ahmed Saif
Al-majd International School
A Girl Called Huneeza
Published On Oct 26th 2011
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Once upon a time there was a girl called Huneeza. She was very impolite with her elders and used to back answer them. She always used to beat her small brother and sister. Her mother used to always tell her to behave well to them but she always used too back answer them too! She always used to put different creams and stuffs on her face to look beautiful but instead she had very pale yellow skin with pimples on them because never used to listen to her mother! So she was always scolded by her elders. One day she was had had enough of being scolded .she was thought to run away from her home, and she did! When she ran away she thought it would be fun but her adventure turned into her nightmare! It was three days since she left her house and was in search of new friends and new home but instead nobody even turned to look at her and she crying and crying of hunger, homeless, thirsty and friendless. On her third day out a family was walking on the footpath when the saw Huneeza sleeping on the footpath they took her to their home. At their home Huneeza was given some food and some water to fill her empty belly. After a while they asked her a few questions and tricked her in telling her phone number so they can call her parents! After her parents arrived they were very happy to take her home. When they thanked that family and went to their home. While in their car Huneeza told her mother that she had learned her lesson that is to "obey your elders and always listen to your mother instead of ignoring her". ONCE AGAIN THE FAMILY LIVED HAPPILY AND THANKED ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY.        
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Comments 12
maryam It is a very nice story,there are some grammatical errors but that did not effect the story too much! Maryam
Dec 10th 2011
Tooba It is a good story Abdullah is just jealous Tooba
Nov 22nd 2011
Aiman Bad alot of grammer mistakes Aiman
Nov 18th 2011
Disenchanted. Oh your grammer mistakes made me laugh anyways humans make mistakes! Disenchanted.
Nov 9th 2011
Ahmed Thanx everyone,i know there are grammatical errors because i typed the story in 3 min because my dad was angry!!:'( Ahmed
Nov 7th 2011
Momina Nice but there are some mistakes Momina
Nov 5th 2011
aamna Nice story Aamna
Nov 2nd 2011
Abdullah Very very very bad story Abdullah
Oct 31st 2011
Bint waseem Awsum story but grammar misrakes...:) Bint Waseem
Oct 29th 2011
Bareera Nyc Bareera
Oct 28th 2011
syeda tahira Good but some grammer errors Syeda Tahira
Oct 28th 2011
Hadia Nyc story Hadia
Oct 27th 2011

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