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Arshia Tahir
Arshia Tahir
Liaquat College
Bake Sale At Dawood Public School!
Published On Oct 26th 2011
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Assalam o alikum, I am Arshia Tahir and belong to Dawood Public School. I am in AS level and I am going to tell you my personal experience related to the Bake Sale at Dawood Public School.
Bake Sale is usually held for a particular welfare cause. In our school it is compulsory for all students to take part, as it is community service program. Here, in Bake Sale, students sell food items or arrange for small games to entertain themselves, other pupils, as well as, try to achieve the required sum of money for the donation.
The Bake Sale at our school is carried out for all students varying from primary, secondary, O levels and the A levels. The Bake Sale of primary, secondary and O levels has already been held and they were to donate money to the flood victims. However, being an A level student I will be telling you a clear review of the Bake Sale organized by A level girls section.
A level girls section organized there Bake Sale on October 18th, 2011 Tuesday. The main aim was to meet the target of Rs.10, 000/- for donation to girls of Dar-ul-Sukoon. I firstly refused to take part in this community service, but being built with a strong helpful heart I decided to go. For this, I baked a homemade toothsome chocolate cake with coconut sprinkles by my own self. Not only this, I also included sweets, my partner at the stall was Hareem. She contributed drinks.
We designed a persuasive poster at school. It nearly took us forty-five minutes. The caption of our poster was
Arshia and Hareem
Yummy, Delicious
Baked Item
only for
Chocolate Lovers
chocolate cake with coconut sprinkles
Sweets for sweet 1’s, soft fizzy drinks
Due to this prolong activity we were unable to keep track of time. When we came downstairs to where we need to setup our stalls, we both were left open-mouthed because all tables were occupied. 
I was on the fit of anger. I kept the eatables on the white bench fixed to the wall behind the primary library. It was grace of Almighty Allah that even in this haphazard situation our transaction began. I was praised for such a luscious homemade cake.
Once we did find a table, I arranged the things and Hareem displayed the eye-catching poster in front of the table. Until, Hareem brought the drinks, six pieces of my cake were already being sold. It was great, a skill full way to improve our mental math and even to meet the little amiable kids coming on our stall.
Hareem and I had decided the prices of the eatables before hand. Each piece of cake cost Rs. 20/-. 3 sweets were sold for Rs. 5/- and a single cup of drink for Rs. 15/- each. It was all through our focus and enthusiasm that within ten to fifteen minutes my homemade succulent cake pieces were sold. When it was becoming difficult for us to give change to costumers Hareem and I decided to increase the cost of drink by Rs. 5/- to solve our problem. By the way, it was my idea that proved fruit full. Our principal Mam Fauzia also surveyed our stall but could not taste anything because every thing were sold. Other teachers and friends were also surprised to see the things sold in a couple of minutes.
We winded everything at around 11:45am and decided to see what efforts others have made. Similarly, everything was finished therefore we could not taste a single bit of food.  Later on, when I counted the money I was very delighted. We both had managed to collect and donate Rs. 650/-. I wasn’t much satisfied with the amount collected. It was me who thought that I could have brought a couple of more things.
 The next day, it was a great relief for not only me but others too that the A level girls donation to the girls of Dr-ul-Sukoon has crossed the target by Rs. 1370.
The Bake Sale , the donations and the cute little fellows were all dearest to my heart! 
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Comments 12
Arshia Well this time in wwf carnival 2013 u should visit my stall also Arshia
Feb 19th 2013
Amna We also had a stall last year and I think I have visited your stall,Arshia baji. Amna
Jan 19th 2013
Arshia Alina where are u? Arshia
Jan 9th 2013
alina Hahahaha....Very funny...Look I can meet you before assembly, in P.T, Cooking lab, Break, Gardening period or in hometime..Meet me ... Alina
Nov 4th 2011
Arshia In our previous school it was rather P.E.. ok tuesday is eid .. it will be easy for us to come and meet in an empty school.. hahaha Arshia
Nov 3rd 2011
alina It is not P.E it is P.T.My P.T will be in third period on Tuesday.I am in section B. I will be free in Break meet me... Alina
Nov 2nd 2011
Arshia Hmmmm.,... second period is my sociology class..... well lets see.. if i am not in a hurry than i might meet u... tell me ur section or the period in which u have P.E or u are free? Arshia
Nov 1st 2011
alina Yes!!!I am sorry that I forgot to reply you and I want to say that your article is gr8...And you know that the vocabulary you have used is Excellent...Look Arshia Baji I can meet you this thursday in second period in cooking lab (food and nutritions lab)..Okay..When you will enter the lab just ask someone about me my class fellows will tell me sso we will inshallah meet... Alina
Oct 31st 2011
Oct 31st 2011
Arshia Thanks... Arshia
Oct 30th 2011
alina After reading this article my sis told me that she has visited your stall...I am very pleased and as well as feeling really good and nice that our school has given us opportunity to do something for flood victims and to earn good deeds...The students of Primary girls have donated Rs.27000 altogether...And our stall has donated Rs.10,000... Alina
Oct 29th 2011
Laiba A very good way to help needy. GR8 job done ARSHIA n ur other fellows. Do add me as ur friend. Laiba
Oct 28th 2011

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