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Arshia Tahir
Arshia Tahir
Liaquat College
A Strange Parcel
Published On Oct 25th 2011
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October 2011

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At the break of dawn, our doorbell rang. All of us were too tired to even step out of the bed to open the door, but one of us had to do so. I kept thinking who it could be. It was a parcel that was handed over to me by the postman and he took my initial.
One after the other, all of us stepped out of the bed. On carrying the parcel, some of my friends saw me in amazement. All five of us decided to unwrap the parcel and see what treasures it contained for us.
All six of us, studied in the same university and lived nearby a hostel. John, one of my friend, was still in bed, he stretched his body and came out of the room yawing. We were just about to unwrap the parcel when he stopped us from doing so.
We were excited about it except John. “It’s not our property so we should not even touch it at any cost,” John ordered us.
“I know John but if it’s not ours then why is it delivered to us?”
“It must be a mistake and how could you give your initial?” John asked.
All five of us except John had different ideas about what to do with the parcel. I suggested first unwrapping the parcel and deciding what to do further. For sure, we were having splendid ideas about what the parcels contained. One of us thought that the parcel would contain millions of rupees, so we could eat delicious foods from five star restaurants. Similarly, tow of us thought that there would be packets of chocolates. One of us imagined that the parcel was a magical one that would turn into a magic carpet and take us to a wonderful tour around the city. However, all of our thoughts and imaginations went up in smoke.
Apart of some mechanical tools and a few clothes there was nothing. We looked at each other in utter amazement. John couldn’t help laughing and all five of us burst into tears. In the mean while the doorbell rang. It was the same postman who had delivered me the parcel. He questioned about the parcel. In great despair I handed over the parcel back to him. Later on, we recalled all that had happened with us that day and we couldn’t contain our laughs at ourselves.

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Comments 22
Anam Great and congrats Anam
Oct 29th 2013
Arshia Thanks Kumail and Afnan Arshia
Jun 16th 2012
Kumail I like it! Kumail
May 11th 2012
AFNAN Nyc 1!Masha Allah! Afnan
Feb 21st 2012
Arshia Thanks Arshia
Dec 13th 2011
usaidkhan I like it good 1 Usaidkhan
Dec 6th 2011
Arshia Thanks everybody Arshia
Dec 2nd 2011
Aiman Outstanding and marvellous EXCELLENT ELABORATIONS OF IDEAS Aiman
Nov 18th 2011
Arqam Very nice story i like it so write more to win Arqam
Nov 11th 2011
Aliza Really nyc. congrats . Aliza
Nov 6th 2011
Momina Congrats. p.s great story Momina
Nov 5th 2011
Arshia Thank u amna and mujtaba.. i will try my level best to be winner next time tooo Arshia
Nov 3rd 2011
Zainab Very nyc..... Zainab
Nov 2nd 2011
aamna Nice story. Be winner next time also, very nice!!! Aamna
Nov 2nd 2011
Arshia Jazak Allah every body and i hope u will also be the winners... INSHAA ALLAH... ALINA, LAIBA AND BINT WASEEM Arshia
Nov 2nd 2011
asma Congratz to you from me and my sister Asma
Nov 2nd 2011
Bint waseem Gud!!!congratzzzzz!!!! Bint Waseem
Nov 1st 2011
Arshia Thanks... abdur-ur-rahman Arshia
Nov 1st 2011
alina It is fabulous story...I was sure that any of your story will definitely make you winner...Congratulations on your success...!!!:)...=) Alina
Nov 1st 2011
Laiba Comgrates on bein winner. U were right Abdur-Rahman Laiba
Nov 1st 2011
Arshia ALHUM DULLILAH, Allah thank you so very much for giving me success.. Arshia
Nov 1st 2011
Abdur-Rahman Good,Really good.You deserved it.I think that even if you put it in the jokes column,you would be the winner. Abdur-rahman
Oct 31st 2011

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