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Daniyal  Toheed
Daniyal Toheed
My Wrath
Published On Oct 26th 2011
Total Comments : 21
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Once walking along the path
Filled with my wrath
Because I had argued with my friend
Because my enemy did he defend
I'll not talk to him, I swear
But all of it came up to an end
I began with
I am sorry, I really am
I did this because I was in a jam
I said so now we won't fight & stay calm

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Comments 21
Daniyal Ashir can u pls tell me ur question Daniyal
Feb 24th 2013
Tooba Gud attempt!!!!! :) Tooba
Feb 10th 2013
Daniyal Ashir what,s your question Daniyal
Jan 4th 2013
Ghumaisa Good!!!! Ghumaisa
Dec 31st 2013
dfg Excelleennntttt.... Dfg
Dec 16th 2012
dfg Hey danie answer my question... Dfg
Dec 16th 2012
Daniyal Hey dudes why not using vshine Daniyal
Dec 13th 2012
Daniyal Coz nothing has been coming to my mind lately... but as you've asked me I'll write one soon...... Daniyal
Aug 25th 2012
Urooj Hey liitle br0....y arent u writting m0re...????ive been w8ng..??? Urooj
Aug 6th 2012
Directioner Forever Hey I AM daniyal's sister & I TOO LIKE NADAL & ROGER . THEY PLAY SO AWESOME RIGHT? Directioner Forever
Jun 2nd 2012
mahnoor I love ur pic sooooooooo much <3 because i love nadal and roger and ur poem is so nice Mahnoor
May 29th 2012
Momina Assawer, I love your pic. Very nice poem Momina
Nov 28th 2011
Urooj Actually as a matter of fact i dont like cows coz of their smell bt i like them from distance and i dont name it !!!!! u know u r the only boy ive ever heard who have no craze for cows:-P Urooj
Nov 13th 2011
Daniyal No.. I don't like cows & this stuff at all coz of their smell, you know........ What about you, I heard you bought a brown cow for eid , what did u name her??? Daniyal
Nov 11th 2011
Urooj Yeah he has accepted!!!!!!! any way daniyal do u like cows and this stuff????? Urooj
Nov 9th 2011
Directioner Forever Yeah Alright.... He says He'll accept ur request now......... Directioner Forever
Nov 4th 2011
Urooj Hehehe same as my bro iam his sis!!!!now f9?? Urooj
Nov 4th 2011
Directioner Forever Yes Urooj I am really his SIS !! Didn't I told you I have a bro !! & MY BRO IS TOO SHY TO ACCEPT GIRL'S REQUESTS(THESE ARE HIS WORDS BUT HE SAYS NO OFFENCE , YOU ARE LIKE HIS ELDER SIS AS YOU ARE MY FRIEND!!) Directioner Forever
Nov 3rd 2011
Zainab Yeah urooj and assawer r rite!!! wonderful poem :) Zainab
Nov 2nd 2011
Urooj Hooo r u really in 5 grade???u seem bigger.........!!!!!owsuuuuuum poem u should write more.........!!!!!!!!!!!! is she ur sis??? Urooj
Nov 2nd 2011
Directioner Forever Awesome Poem Bro !! May You Get Success !! Directioner Forever
Oct 29th 2011

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