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Umayma Ali
Umayma Ali
Dar-ul-hijra Int. School
Let's Brighten The Globe
Published On Oct 22nd 2011
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Allah Almighty has created everything for some purpose. Nothing is created without a determination or aim. No doubt, there is some purpose of our existence too. As sun is created to light up the day similarly, the aim of our life should also be to illuminate others life. It is said: "Everyone lives for himself but the true human being is he who lives for others". Although, we can't light up the whole globe but at least we can illuminate our surroundings with the power of our knowledge. We all should make our self like a candle who burns itself but give light to others.
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Comments 4
Umayma Yeah, ofcourse we shud .. n if em writing ds it means dat em also acting upon it that's y em writing !! Umayma
Nov 2nd 2011
fareeha It's true we should be like a candle and we should act on it not only write........ Fareeha
Nov 2nd 2011
Umayma Thnkx aiza :) Umayma
Nov 1st 2011
Aaiza Interesting and you are absolutely correct! Aaiza
Oct 31st 2011

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