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Syeda Tahira Iqbal
Syeda Tahira Iqbal
Ibn Seena English High School
Some Ways To Get Back Your Ex Best Friend
Published On Oct 14th 2011
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Some children in school have fights with there best friend and break up. Now this usually happens on small matters.
For example I had a fight with my best friend because she didn’t accept me as i was and kept complaining about me so i fought with her but i actually was taking out someone else’s anger at her you all get my point you all never really fight on a big thing its just that you take on a stupid subject and take out your anger at your best friends... so here are some tips to regain your best friend again.
1- Ask he or she what did you do wrong and what thing she didn’t like about you
2- Think how the fight started
Now some friends some times because of there pride won’t accept sorry
3- Give presents and card and give her things she likes.
4- Tell her how you feel about her or he and how much important he or she is
If she still doesn’t accept then you better go and find a new best friend...........

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Comments 5
AFNAN Nyc 1!! Afnan
Dec 13th 2011
javaria Niceeeeeeeee Javaria
Oct 28th 2011
Hadia Nyc Hadia
Oct 16th 2011
syed saad Well im sorry be cause our teacher always reminds us thats why sorry Syed Saad
Oct 14th 2011
syed saad Oh my we all know this u dont need to tell us again and again Syed Saad
Oct 14th 2011

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