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Ahmed Saif
Ahmed Saif
Al-majd International School
My Sister
Published On Oct 14th 2011
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I have a sister
she calls me mister
she smells like  flowers
and afraid of high towers
she like to take bath
and always walks on a footpath
she likes to run
and have a lot of fun
i always try to stop her down
and she starts to act like clowns
she always annoy me
and always ask everything for free
she makes me yell
and she acts as if she fell
and my mother always shouts on me
then she says ,"your sister is only three"
i try to tell my mother
but she never really bother
i always feel dreadful
and feel really hurtful.
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Comments 9
Daniyal Keep writing poems like this good job Ahmed Daniyal
Aug 25th 2012
Ahmed Thnx everyone :) Ahmed
Nov 2nd 2011
Bint waseem GUD JOB AHMED!!!!1 Bint Waseem
Oct 29th 2011
yamna Well small brother and sisters are annoying Yamna
Oct 24th 2011
Manal Nice :-) Manal
Oct 24th 2011
Ahmed Thnx assawer i appericiate u but why the are laughing!? Ahmed
Oct 20th 2011
Directioner Forever Awesome......... Keep it up......... Continue writing poems.......... One day You'll be a great poet....... INSAHALLAH............ Directioner Forever
Oct 19th 2011
alina Ahaaaahhhhhhhhhahhahhhhahhhhhaaa.hahha Alina
Oct 16th 2011
Oct 15th 2011

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