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Momina Bhatty
Momina Bhatty
Hurlingham And Chelsea Secondary School
Here,there, Everywhere!
Published On Oct 14th 2011
Total Comments : 24
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Comments 24
Rashid Salam Kasi hain ap Rashid
Mar 12th 2014
Soha Momina, I visited yor blog! It was splendrific! Soha
Apr 26th 2013
Momina No i wasnt in city school ever but my mum is teachin in it and muy sis and bro study init thankz guyz Momina
Feb 19th 2013
rija Hey!!.. momina when u were in two or i think in 1 class u were in the city school??.. i guesss right plxx tell me Rija
Jan 12th 2013
dfg Sorry i havent written that comment....... Dfg
Dec 28th 2012
dfg I have not written that comment.... Dfg
Dec 23rd 2012
Momina @ashir yeah i have a yahoo id and its cool we're born in the same month what iz your age? Momina
Dec 18th 2012
dfg Well drawn and we r born in same month....having yahoo id? Dfg
Nov 25th 2012
mathilda Its awwwwwwesome Mathilda
Nov 19th 2012
Emaan Here, There and Everywhere! So creative! Emaan
Oct 30th 2012
Momina Thanks!!!!!! THANKYOU!!!!!!! :) <3 Momina
Aug 26th 2012
ali Great Ali
May 3rd 2012
 wareesha NICE Wareesha
Dec 1st 2011
Aaiza Nice! :) Aaiza
Oct 31st 2011
hurriya Nice Hurriya
Oct 27th 2011
Aliza Ya its nyc Aliza
Oct 22nd 2011
Manal LuB d3 FrAm3 :3 Manal
Oct 17th 2011
Hadia The frame of arrows is really nyc and a gr8 contrast Hadia
Oct 16th 2011
Hadia The frame outside Hadia
Oct 16th 2011
Bint waseem U r welcum! Bint Waseem
Oct 16th 2011
Momina It is just a drawing i made on sister submitted it. i did not like it though. i was about to delete it but i got distracted while watching my favorite show on animal planet(I'm Alive) so please will you try to post nice comments? and when my sister wrote everywhere, i think she meant the arrows are pointing everywhere. and thanks Bint Waseem. Momina
Oct 16th 2011
Bint waseem Good contrast!!!! Bint Waseem
Oct 15th 2011
Oct 15th 2011
syeda tahira What is this??? Syeda Tahira
Oct 14th 2011

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