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Abeer Amir
Abeer Amir
Talent International School
Mad People
Published On Oct 10th 2011
Total Comments : 23
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Five friends lived in a room, there names were:
1- Mad
2- Brain
3- Fool
4- Nobody
5- Somebody.
One day Nobody killed somebody, at that time Brain was in the bathroom. Mad saw Nobody killing Somebody, he called the police.
Mad: "Hello! Somebody has killed Nobody".
Police: "Are you Mad".
Mad: "Yes, I am Mad".
Police: "Where is your Brain".
Mad: "Yes actually, he is in the bathroom".
Police: "Are you fool?”
Mad: "No I am Mad and Fool is sleeping in the room".

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Comments 23
mishaal Nice joke Mishaal
Mar 12th 2016
mishaal Nice Mishaal
Jun 1st 2015
Aleena Good job Abeer....I guess these people don't know that "Old is Gold" Aleena
Dec 17th 2012
ayesha Its too old but still nice Ayesha
May 10th 2012
Ramis Hahaha what a cool joke Ramis
Mar 20th 2012
ayesha Hahahaha, lolxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ayesha
Mar 18th 2012
Affan Funny! Affan
Mar 14th 2012
Momina Anybody agree with me? EVEN 'Wafa' said that! and Wafa is one of the nicest people on this EARTH! Momina
Feb 14th 2012
Dec 7th 2011
Abeera Great....:) Abeera
Nov 6th 2011
hurriya Nice Hurriya
Oct 27th 2011
M Good M
Oct 23rd 2011
Iqra That is a very poular joke but u mad it even better! it was really funney Iqra
Oct 19th 2011
Ammar It's cheated I no Ammar
Oct 16th 2011
Oct 14th 2011
syeda tahira Its old but still i laugh when i read it lolxxxxx Syeda Tahira
Oct 14th 2011
Bushra I posted the same kinda joke long time months ago..but that time it wasn't so old or maybe it was but the people here found it new..anyway,in my joke there was no fool and nobody didn't KILL somebody but they had a terrible fight..but still..all i can say is,,um..its old but nice try..:) Bushra
Oct 13th 2011
Ahmed Cme on guys!just appreciate it and stop being an ass Ahmed
Oct 13th 2011
Bint waseem Well...its old but its a joke n JOKE IS JOKE when ever read!!!!r8 guys?? so its GUD! Bint Waseem
Oct 12th 2011
Zainab Cm on this joke is sooooo old......manal and momina r rite growwww uppppppp Zainab
Oct 11th 2011
Momina Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz like cant people start growin' up around these parts? this is a oldddd joke! and didnt nobody kill somebody! check out the mistake in the 9th line! Momina
Oct 11th 2011
Abeer I am not interested in jokes and all that, I am interested I writing poetry, Articles, stories etc. I hate jokes. Abeer
Oct 10th 2011
Manal Its very OLD....ABEER !!PLZ GROW UP :P Manal
Oct 10th 2011

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