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Zernab Waheed
Zernab Waheed
Allied School System
Never Again
Published On Jun 4th 2010
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It was afternoon. Ali was in his study room doing the homework. When, he was studying the door bell rang. He thought that Mom will open the door so he shook his head and continued studying. Again the door bell rang but this time he didn’t waited and went to open the door. He opened the door and saw his class fellow & best friend Hassan. Hassan was wearing Cricket suit. He knew that Hassan has come for playing Cricket but he thought that he has to do his homework but he forgot this thought & said Hassan to wait until he wears his Cricket suit. He ran into his Bedroom and changed his clothes. He ran upstairs to pick up the bat & ball. He didn’t found the bat & ball up so he came down.
He went in kitchen to ask Mother if she knows about the bat & ball. Mom! Where is my bat? Her mother knew about the bat but she told him that she doesn’t know. His mother wanted that Ali should complete his Homework then he can go to play but Ali didn’t hear that what his mother is saying. Ali! Have you completed your Homework? His mother asked her but Ali told her lie. Yes! Mom I have completed my Homework. Now, I am going to play Cricket.
Ali answered his mother and went out. He came back at 6:oo’ clock. Ali! Have you offered Namaz-e-Maghrib?  Yes Mom! I and Hassan went to the Mosque for offering Namaz. He again told a lie to his mother. He thought that lying is the best way but he didn’t know that the Angel on his left side has written two sins in his Amaal-Nama.
Her mother thought that Ali is the best child in the world who did his works on time. His mother didn’t think that Ali can also tell her a lie. When, Ali came back he was tired. He didn’t remember of the Tests. He went to his Bedroom turn on the fan and lied on his bed for sleeping. As, he was sleeping his father came.
Yesterday when Ali came back from school he was crying. What’s the Matter? His mother asked him. I…… have got 5 numbers from 30 in…. English test. What! But you said me that I have done my tests. Ali tells the truth. Ali started crying loudly. His mother thought something is wrong. Ali! Stop crying. Tell me what happened. Why did you get only 5 numbers if you know your test clearly? Mom….. I told… you ….lie. Now, you have got a lesson by yourself of what happens after telling a lie. Promise that you will never again tell a lie. Mom! I promise! Ali said this & his mother gave her a big hug.

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Comments 13
Fatima Some grammer mistakes but I dont mind them cause i can understand them nice one Fatima
Jun 19th 2017
Aiza Grammar mistakes but good Aiza
Mar 15th 2017
Tooba Great it attracted me so much Tooba
May 7th 2014
aisha This story is very interesting i love it Aisha
Dec 10th 2011
yamna Keep up your good work are writing very good Yamna
Feb 7th 2011
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
Aleena Hi Zernab! I am Aleena and have recently joined vshine world. I liked your story v much. I am waiting for your another story! keep it up! (please read my poems friendship and rain rain go away and comment on it) THANK YOU Aleena
Nov 21st 2010
zernab waheed

i am too much happy

Zernab Waheed
Jul 12th 2010

Thank you very much for your comments!! I am writing another story these days.In few days, you will read it. "INSHA ALLAH"

Jun 30th 2010

this is an amazing story.keep it up zernab!!!!!!!

Jun 14th 2010

wow its an amazing story of the world

Jun 5th 2010

This story is very interesting when I read this story it touched my heart and I also Learn that how big mistake is lying to parents or even anyone else .********amazing*********

Jun 4th 2010

I am so much happy to see my story. This is my first story to V SHINE. My father & mother are also very happy.

May 19th 2010

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