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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
Modern Life
Published On Oct 10th 2011
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Modern man is now days destitute of many of the beautiful things around us. We are so busy in our everyday lives that we don’t get time at all to enjoy the beauty of nature. We rush around our materialistic needs that we don’t pay any respect or attention to the pretty trees, flowers, sun, moon etc. We never get any time to look around us and appreciate the nature or the one and only Allah who made it all. How I wish that we would look at the beautiful flowers, blossoming early in spring or notice the wonderful brown golden leaves which fall all along in autumn. But I guess that no one will ever look at these any more. The beautiful animals that roam around us all the time; Modern man has never got even a minute to look at a bird feeding it’s little chirping kids or to look at a cat busily rushing after a mouse or just pouring over the litter. Okay fine, these are things not often seen but the moon and the sun which we see daily, we never look at those either. Man never ever looks at the pretty glinting stars at night or at the first sunray or the last one. All that we look at is our busy needs. Hence, it can be said that modern day life had deprived us of many commonplace pleasures.
So please my message is just to say that don’t rush after your busy needs; also look at the nature which is the reflection of Allah!!!

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Comments 9
Menahil Syed Aliza, I dont.............., I love nature and love spending time sittin under trees n in ma backyard, even if it's 2 hot outside. By the way plz do remember 2 cherish the beauty of nature. God has made it for us and it's our duty 2 appreciate it with our devoted hearts. Thank u all 4 the amazin comments. Love u all!!!! Menahil
May 30th 2012
javaria True :) Javaria
Oct 28th 2011
syed saad Its fact Syed Saad
Oct 14th 2011
Aliza Do you ....................? Aliza
Oct 13th 2011
Hadia Hmm... Hadia
Oct 11th 2011
Sunger Good Sunger
Oct 11th 2011
Ariba Its Fact Ariba
Oct 10th 2011
Malaika Great menahil you have got a great sence of nature so why dont save it now Malaika
Oct 10th 2011
Laiba Its Fact Laiba
Oct 10th 2011

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