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Umayma Ali
Umayma Ali
Dar-ul-hijra Int. School
Be Thankful To Allah
Published On Oct 6th 2011
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Zahra was good, intelligent and a hardworking student. She had made her name a lot in school; she was very famous among her schoolmates and teachers.
Last month, her result had declared .Where the result brings smiles on some faces at the same time it had made some hearts cry. Zahra stood 4th in her school and was very upset for being fourth as she had worked hard and was expecting more. She was about to cry when Amna saw her and ask: "hey, Zahra! Are you okay?? What’s wrong? Why you seem to be so upset??" Zahra showed quench feeling. Amna understood the matter and said: "Zahra you should be happy and thankful to ALLAH for blessing you this success. Otherwise there are many of other students who even didn’t get this much marks. Make yourself thankful of Allah as Allah has said in the holy Quran: "Those who will Be thankful to Me for whatever I have given them. Surely, I will bless them with more and more." Zahra replied (without thinking): “but why did this happen to me? Why?? Why? Amna politely asked: " did u thanked Allah for your previous successes? Nah! So, If we don't thanks Allah for a single smile then did you think we have any right to complain HIM for a single tear" Amna left the conversation with her last words. Zahra actualize soon and thanks Allah for blessing her with this success.

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Comments 20
Tooba Amazing story Tooba
May 22nd 2014
fareeha In which class you are umayma api class 8 or 9 Fareeha
Apr 29th 2013
fareeha I liked it Fareeha
Jan 11th 2012
Hafsah NYC story Hafsah
Dec 10th 2011
bushra Salam umaima can i have your id...i need some infrmtion about madina u know about it...? Bushra
Nov 26th 2011
Fasih Very bad Fasih
Nov 10th 2011
Umayma Yeah! inshAllah i will =] Umayma
Oct 21st 2011
Aliza K3p it up Aliza
Oct 21st 2011
Bakhita Very nice! if it was really ur first story, then it's FANTASTIC!!! Bakhita
Oct 19th 2011
alina Good... Alina
Oct 16th 2011
Maimoonah Very nice keep writing Maimoonah
Oct 14th 2011
Umayma Aliza this was my first try .. I will try to do better next time :) Umayma
Oct 13th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Oct 13th 2011
Aliza Ok Aliza
Oct 13th 2011
Wafa "be thankful to allah"yeah thats right Wafa
Oct 13th 2011
Bareera Gud Bareera
Oct 11th 2011
Umayma Thanks all of yu !! =] Umayma
Oct 11th 2011
Abeer NICE STORY. Abeer
Oct 10th 2011
Momina WOW! Momina
Oct 9th 2011
Rabia Nice story dear we should be thankful to Allah for everything Rabia
Oct 7th 2011

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