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Rabeeta Nasir
Rabeeta Nasir
Published On May 19th 2010
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It was just an ordinary pool where creatures came and drink. And kids like Bernie, Kate and me found space to sit and think. Then one black day, the back-hose came and trucks and tractors too, they didn't seem a jot about folks like me you. They drain our ordinary pool until it wasn't there; they frightened off the animals with out a thought or care. They started clearing bush as well this time we had enough. We decided to take a stand and really make it tough. So Bernie wrote a letter to the paper right away while Kate and I made posters to sway others to our way. That very night we called a meeting of our entire neighbourhood. Would they help us to protest? Yes indeed they would. Next morning when the workers came imagine our surprise there were mums and dads and little kids right before there eyes. Our bush is precious to us and to animals as well and that is more important than making flats to sell. Our protest really did the trick and it wasn't long before the trucks and tractors and the back-hose had all gone. Now when we play together Bernie, Kate and I we're grateful for the frogs and lizards bright birds and dragonflies.
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Comments 1

very nice rabeeta but u should write it in story section instead of adding it in poems section.please comment my article LIFE IN KARACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 11th 2010

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