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Fatema Zari
Fatema Zari
My Mother
Published On Oct 3rd 2011
Total Comments : 30
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October 2011

Rank 8 Out of 10
My mother is really nice
She likes to cook French fries
She is more precious than gold
She never ever wants to be old
My mother is a pearl of a sea
She is as busy like buzzing bee
She is a perfect buddy
And always help me to study
She always notice me when I am wrong
She does not allow me to sing song
I remember that when I was ill
She was the one who understood how I feel.
I do not care how much on me she screams
I only know that I have to fulfill her dreams
She is a chef of my taste
I will never want her sacrifice to be waste
I look across the year and see
Myself besides my mother’s knee
God gave me a wonderful mother
In the world I cannot find another
My Mother My mother !!!=)

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Comments 30
sajahir Marvellous poem ! keep it up Sajahir
Aug 11th 2016
Maida Congratulations! Fatima I have send u a friend request cause i was impress that U are a page winner. Maida
Mar 14th 2016
Khadija U deserved to be a page winner.Congrats! Khadija
Mar 14th 2015
Rafia Same here :))))) Rafia
Aug 21st 2013
Nimra Ya gullasht u r right.... my mother is my life 2... :) Nimra
Jun 20th 2013
Gullasht Mom is my lifeeeeeeeeeeee Gullasht
Mar 29th 2013
Anonymous Veryyyyyyyyy....nice,grat but what was your gift Anonymous
Mar 10th 2013
Soha Nice poem..! Soha
Jan 21st 2013
Nimra Hey fatema it's a good poem :))))))))))))) but do add me in ur friends!!!!!!! Nimra
Jan 16th 2013
mathilda ITS GOOD Mathilda
Oct 10th 2012
Amna Oh,what a lovely poem:))))) Amna
Sep 27th 2012
Raniah Very nice :D congratulation ..... :) Raniah
Sep 1st 2012
Daniyal Amazing poem Daniyal
Aug 25th 2012
Sehar Nice creation Sehar
May 31st 2012
tazeen So cute Poem...I have seen first time and like it so much..What are ur early prizes please told me????? Tazeen
Apr 28th 2012
rameesha Cool.......... Rameesha
Nov 28th 2011
saniya SUCH A NYC POEM......KEEP IT UP!!!........:D Saniya
Nov 19th 2011
Ghumaisa You are right, no words can subsitute the qualities of mother. and congratzzz Ghumaisa
Nov 18th 2011
ayesha @fatema i also got a gift from dollar company.:) n hve u read my story "Why do tigers have strips"? n very nice poem i also like to write poems..:) Ayesha
Nov 14th 2011
Fatema I got aa geometry box,glue stick,two erasers,A box with many pencils,highlighter.. Fatema
Nov 5th 2011
Nov 4th 2011
Bint waseem Congratzzzz! Bint Waseem
Nov 3rd 2011
Arshia Gud attempt.. once more great.. what was ur earlier prize? Arshia
Nov 1st 2011
Laiba Congrates Laiba
Nov 1st 2011
Fatema Yayy!!.. Once more a winner Fatema
Nov 1st 2011
alina Gud effort... Alina
Oct 31st 2011
Fatema Ohh! Thnkzz Fatema
Oct 29th 2011
Ahmed Awesme poem dudey!!!!! Ahmed
Oct 12th 2011
arwa Fatema the poem is very nice gud job!!! Arwa
Oct 8th 2011
Urooj Sooooo nyccccc........gud effort Urooj
Oct 6th 2011

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