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Tooba Irfan
Tooba Irfan
Beacon House School System
The Last Survivor
Published On Oct 5th 2011
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Omer woke up. It was cold. He could hear the baby cry. He walked to the other room .A worried look blurted off there faces. A fierce sound ran through Omer‘s ears. Was it the sound of water? Omer rushed out of his little house.
Omer saw as water gushed through and covered the area. He heard shouts all around himself. With his heart thumping he felt the pressure of water increasing. It was moving him off balance. His family rushed through the door. His mother was carrying the baby. A tense look was on their faces. The water was now moving upwards, upwards his chest. Omer‘s father held him. It came, the flood.
The grasp of Omer‘s father was no longer there. With increasing speed Omer flowed along with the water. Afraid he clung to a broken log. Darkness falls upon him.
Omer opened his eyes, was he alive? He was. As he found himself in one of rescuing camp, he could see a man nearby who told him that he was found clinging to a log, unconscious by one of the rescuing team helicopter. The man gave him food. Omer could not help thinking about his mother, his father and her baby sister.
 A little time had passed when two men came holding a boy and forced Omer to leave the camp for he was well now. Omer moved out gloomily out he saw another world which was not like his village he walked across the streets of the unknown world .His mother , His father, where they alive?, the answer was no. His eye's caught the sight of his wrist, the silver band. It was the last thing which could remind him of his past. The great memories connected with that band made him cry.
With these thoughts Omer hit into someone, looking up he saw a familiar face, a smile ran over his face.
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Comments 14
sajahir Please accept my friend request Sajahir
Aug 11th 2016
Bismah Please accept my request Bismah
Aug 5th 2013
tazeen INTERESTINGG>>>HMMMM>>>> Tazeen
Jun 25th 2012
Hafsah A SAD STORY but INTERESTING i would like if u tell us what happened at end. hi Hafsah
Dec 10th 2011
Aaiza Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaiza
Nov 23rd 2011
Aliza Hmmmmmmmm,.......... what can i say>? Aliza
Oct 21st 2011
Bakhita INCOMPLETE!!! Bakhita
Oct 19th 2011
Bint waseem Gud! Bint Waseem
Oct 15th 2011
Wafa He bumped into one of his parents or he bumped into his sister Wafa
Oct 13th 2011
Bareera Nyc Bareera
Oct 11th 2011
Momina Will you tell me who he bumped into? Momina
Oct 9th 2011
Oct 6th 2011
tooba When he caught sight of his wrist old memories came infront of him becausethe band was there all the time. Tooba
Oct 6th 2011
l Cab you explain me what happened in the last para.starting from his eye caught the sight of his wrist............... L
Oct 5th 2011

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