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Rabia Sarwar
Rabia Sarwar
Dar Ul Hijra International School Madina
Allah The Almighty
Published On Sep 30th 2011
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The Creator of this Universe is Allah The-Almighty. He is alone and no one can be equal to him. He alone deserves to be worshipped. He is closest to human being. He gifted us with various blessing. We should be thankful to him. In Quran Allah says:
"Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both deny?''
In this versus of Quran Allah is asking us that which blessing of Allah we will deny? Indeed, we couldn't deny any of his blessings. His Blessings can be seen everywhere in nature. He asks man to think about the creation of this universe. He has created solar system, seven heavens, and earth, various creatures present in this universe and many other uncountable things. He is the giver and we should ask Him for everything. Only he can help us and only he can lead us to the right path. He has the power to do miracles and to send punishment. Everything is possible for Him. He will judge on the Day of Judgment and will send human beings to hell and heaven on the basis of their deeds. If their deeds will be good they will be sent to Heaven and if they had spent their lives doing bad deeds than they will be send into Hell. We should be afraid of Allah because He can do anything.
Today, the major cause of problems is that people are doing deeds against Will of Allah. They are asking other people for help instead of asking Allah. They forgot the path which Allah asked the people to follow. They don't thank him for his blessings and forgot about the Day of Judgment.
May Allah forgive our sins and lead us on the right path (Ameen)

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Comments 2
Tipu Nyc!!!!!!!!!!!! Tipu
Dec 28th 2011
Umayma Ameen .. :) Umayma
Oct 6th 2011

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