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Aamna Zulfiqar
Aamna Zulfiqar
The Eduacators
Cheating Is Not A Good Habit
Published On Sep 30th 2011
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Once upon a time there was a boy. He, in most of his exams, got first position. The parents of boy were very pleased and happy. His name was Ahmed and his best friend name was Ali. In class Ali and Ahmed used to sit together. At the day of the first exam Ali asked him that he did you know the answer of first question. Then Ahmed told him that I am having copy if you need to know the answer, you look yourself in it. Ali told him that it is cheating but Ahmed did not understand him. Ali let him to do cheating in his first exam. When the bell rang Ali ask Ahmed that at which time you sleep. He replied that he sleeps at 11 o’clock. When they go home from school, Ali starts preparing of second test. Till 9 o’clock he prepares all the things that come in exams. At 11:30 he goes to Ahmed house tell his mother that in every exam Ahmed do cheating and got first position. Her mother replied that you are not saying true. He said if you do not believe me than see tomorrow. When they are in school Ali asks him that if you have preparing today. He replied him no I am not preparing I will cheat it from copy. He said do not cheat it from your copy. Copy my work; at first he wrote all wrong answers and when he has copied it wrong answer. He ask teacher to give one more paper sheet ,teacher give him and he wrote all write answers in his paper and give to teacher. Teacher says that she will give them there result tomorrow. At night after preparing he goes to Ahmed mother he said her that the result will announce tomorrow and I will tell you the marks of Ahmed I am truly saying you that his marks were down for 10. After saying all these things to her mother he went to his own house and sleep. When tomorrow comes his science teacher was announcing the marks and most of the children get up then 70 and they were passing when Ahmed marks turn come his marks were 8.75 all the children see on his face and he feels that ashamed. When he go to his home his mother ask him that how many marks do you get in you science paper. He replied I got 8.75 marks his mother said how your marks are 8.75 you get 96.50 in your previous exam of science. He said to his mother that the do not learn properly in this test His mother leave him and when night come Ali come to his house. Her mother was waking up he ask him do you know, that he cheat in all the exam papers and all the prizes he got is by his cheating. So he is a big cheater and he cheats in all exam papers. Next day his father punish him that he will do not play any game on computer or laptop and he do not watch any thing on TV for three months. When he got punishment he never cheat and say sorry to his mother and father.
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Comments 19
Tooba Gud Tooba
May 10th 2014
Khadija Nyyyyyyc!! Khadija
Mar 12th 2014
Areeba Great Story. Has a good message for us . Keep it up! Areeba
Jun 2nd 2013
Soha Great.. Soha
Feb 12th 2013
Amna Nyc Amna
Dec 29th 2012
Neha Oh g0d..u really had severe grammar mistAkes..believe me u need 2 c0rrrect them all..d0n't juxxt get my's quite nicee.. Neha
Nov 16th 2012
Raniah Nice . . . . but too difficult to understand . . . . :) Raniah
Sep 4th 2012
Zuhaa Nyc Zuhaa
Jan 27th 2012
xerac Nyc......but alot of grammer mistakes which make it hard to understand :( Xerac
Jan 2nd 2012
Aamna This comment is not written by me, this is written by my brother. Aamna
Dec 22nd 2011
Aamna This comment is not written by me, it is written by my brother. Aamna
Dec 21st 2011
mishaal I have been cheating regularly for 11 years:) Mishaal
Dec 16th 2011
aamna I have cheated in my exams Aamna
Dec 3rd 2011
Izza Wonderful story its right cheating is not a good habit. Izza
Nov 13th 2011
aamna Thank you all of you for commenting. Good luck in future for you all. Aamna
Nov 2nd 2011
Aliza Awwwwessssooooommmmmmmme Aliza
Oct 21st 2011
Aiman It is right cheating is not a good habbit Aiman
Oct 4th 2011
Fatema Difficulty to understand Fatema
Oct 4th 2011
Oct 1st 2011

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