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Bakhita Maryam
Bakhita Maryam
Linderhof Lahore School System
The Last Chance
Published On Sep 30th 2011
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"Jack! The only thing that you lack is just courage and confidence.  Do not be embarrassed by thinking that so many people are watching you.  Off course! It is a natural thing to be harassed and lose confidence but you should try to overcome your weakness..."
    Michael continued to advise me until it was the day when everything was to be revealed: who was the best and who was the worst that was 'the annual grand finale of singing competition', when the winner would be chosen and will be named as "THE BEST SINGER OF THE YEAR".  It was not the first time I was trying.  I had seen four lucky singers rewarded.  All judges now recognized me and would pay no attention as they knew how my singing was.  It was not my voice that would let me be rejected but it was my lack of confidence that would make my voice trembling and would never impress anyone.
I was so disappointed by the past four years that never intended to try again but again it was my all because of my poor sick mother.  I was not qualified because of lack of money.  I started to work at the age of eight.  My mother was already ill and father left me and my mother when I was just two, so I was the only person left to earn the bread for my house.  In the meantime, Michael who worked with me told me about the singing competition that was to held four years ago.  I tried the first time, the second, the third and even the fourth, and all in vain.  One singer was only allowed to participate five times.  So my five years would complete on that day.  For me, that day was my life or death.  
 The day came, but this time, I tried harder than ever.  I never remember how the time passed before but just knew my name was called and I strode towards the stage with full confidence.  It would not matter if I was fifth time there.  "I have the last chance.  It would be now or never "I thought and started.  The hall was filled with silence.  People even forgot to breath.  I never knew how it all happened!  I just sang and sang until the song ended.  My voice became more and more melodious.  I gained more confidence by the attention that I was given by the audience.  The hall was filled with the round of applause and whistling.  I was flying with passion.  I knew I survived.  The voice of the judge made me feel proud of myself and my mother who brought me up:
  "The winner of this annual grand finale is "Jack Davidson".        
The gold medal was shining and glimmering in my neck as though celebrating my happiness with me!

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Comments 17
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 22nd 2014
aimun Spladed Aimun
Jan 15th 2012
Aaiza And what is your age? Aaiza
Nov 23rd 2011
Aaiza The story is really nice. Aaiza
Nov 23rd 2011
Bakhita @ muhammad oh! k now i get it!! u r talking abt the story ' A ghost Adventure' actually it was not making any sense I just told u that n that's all!! if u dont like then all right! Bakhita
Nov 8th 2011
Bakhita Wat r u talkin abt muhammad?? I think it's my story not urs n I also did not say anything abt ur story? what's wrong?? Bakhita
Nov 8th 2011
Mohammmad If you don't like my story then donot comment. OKAY? PLZ HOLD UR TONGUE! Mohammmad
Nov 3rd 2011
Bint waseem NYC!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Oct 22nd 2011
Bakhita Nopes! i did not get it and thnx! Bakhita
Oct 22nd 2011
Aliza Its nnnnnnnyyyyyyyyccccccccc nd do you got the mag? Aliza
Oct 21st 2011
Umayma Damn gud !! Umayma
Oct 21st 2011
Momina Nice Momina
Oct 9th 2011
jiya It is nyc Jiya
Oct 7th 2011
Zainab Gud Zainab
Oct 7th 2011
Bakhita Can anyone please write the questions of mind game here. Just question number one about plan of a building and about the bear. Just copy and paste the questions here. Actually I could not get VShine magazine this month but I want to attempt the Mind Game and I also cannot read them from the Preview Section so please put them here and I will be so thankful! Bakhita
Oct 6th 2011
Fatema It is really a nice story Fatema
Oct 4th 2011
Bakhita Tell me plz how is my story? Bakhita
Oct 3rd 2011

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