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Sahar Ahmad
Sahar Ahmad
Army Public School
Home Sweet Home
Published On Sep 30th 2011
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Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Annie. One day, her mother came to her room and gave her an invitation card. Annie opened the card and started reading. It was an invitation card by her friend Sue. Sue had invited Annie on her birthday.         
Next day when Annie came to attend the birthday, she saw that Sue's house was so big and big cars were parked out. Sue was very rich. After attending the birthday, Annie argued with her parents that she wants to live in Sue's house for a week. After an hour Annie was in Sue's house. Next day, Sue's family was going to a park. Annie also wanted to go but they refused to take her. It was most bad moment of her life. Then she went to the garden and saw a lovely flower. She wanted to pluck it but the gardener slapped on her face. Annie started crying and missing her home. She went inside and called her parents. When Sue's family came home, the guard told them that Annie has gone back with her parents.                 
  Moral: There is no place like our home!!             
No one can love us as much as our parents!!

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Comments 26
Berha Tooba we should not say such bad words, I have seen all ur bad comments on Sahar's lovely stuff. I think it is because she also didn't like ur joke, right? We shouldn't take revenge on stuff, especially when it is even not true! Awesome story Sahar! Berha
May 10th 2017
Khadija Great! Khadija
Dec 4th 2015
Tooba Only 1 word 2 say and that is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tooba
Nov 3rd 2014
Sahar Thank you all! Sahar
Jun 13th 2014
Soha Marvellous!! Soha
Jan 24th 2013
Sahar Thnks Iman Sahar
May 25th 2012
Iman Awsome sahar i did not know you have so much talent! Iman
May 22nd 2012
Sahar Thnks Sahar
Feb 29th 2012
Aaiza You're absolutely correct! Aaiza
Nov 23rd 2011
Aliza Nyc Aliza
Oct 21st 2011
alina Yes same case here..I always wanted to sleep with my parents even they are always with me and I have my own room..But I love them... Alina
Oct 16th 2011
Wafa If i were in place of annie i whould never ever leave my parents and now also iam 10 years old but i always see a chance to sleep with my parents and to play with them tell them what happend in school so its no ones love is enough for us exept our parents Wafa
Oct 13th 2011
Izza You were write a qute story. Izza
Oct 9th 2011
Momina Gr8 lovd it Momina
Oct 9th 2011
Wafa Wow!!!!!!!!!! This is an excited story.but,i don't understand the ended lines. Wafa
Oct 8th 2011
jiya Greattttttttttttt storyyyyyyyyyy Jiya
Oct 7th 2011
Sahar Hey Fizzah i am in 4 Sahar
Oct 6th 2011
Sahar Hey Aiman I am in 4 Sahar
Oct 6th 2011
Fatema Well writeen Fatema
Oct 4th 2011
Wasia Thats such a nice story!! Wasia
Oct 2nd 2011
Fizzah In which class u r? r u in 7? i m asking because i am in 7 class and in my English book there is same poem home home sweet home there no place like home by the way it is nice Fizzah
Oct 2nd 2011
Sahar Thnks Sahar
Oct 1st 2011
Aiman It is marvellous and moralful are right there is no place good place as our home Aiman
Oct 1st 2011
Bint waseem U r 100% r8t Bint Waseem
Oct 1st 2011
alina True.......It is lovely story....I luv My Home..ALOT.... Alina
Oct 1st 2011
l Execellent and moralfull...... L
Oct 1st 2011

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