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Wajeeha  Binte Sajid
Wajeeha Binte Sajid
Pakistan International School (english Section)
Three Aliens
Published On Sep 12th 2011
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One day 3 Aliens came to Earth in order to learn some words
The 1st Alien went to a classroom to learn how to say "Me"
The 2nd Alien went to a restaurant to learn how to say "A knife"
The 3rd went to football match to learn how to say "Yeah"
One day when they were about to go to Mars a policeman caught them and said, 'We have evidence that you killed a man'
Of course the Aliens did not understand and the police got angry. He shouted Well did you kill anyone?
The 1st Alien said 'Me'
The police shocked, what did u kill him with?
The 2nd alien "A knife"
The police now really angry said 'You are all going to jail'
The 3rd Alien' Yeah'
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Comments 22
Minahil Funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Minahil
Aug 19th 2013
ayesha Hahahaha............... Ayesha
May 10th 2012
Wajeeha Thanks! =) Wajeeha
Mar 14th 2012
sarah Nyc ........ Sarah
Mar 12th 2012
Fatima Nice 1...... Fatima
Dec 25th 2011
Wajeeha I did not cheat this joke I heard it from a friend!! Wajeeha
Nov 4th 2011
Oct 14th 2011
syeda tahira Nyc 1 Syeda Tahira
Oct 14th 2011
Zainab Whoaaaa gud 1!!! Zainab
Oct 4th 2011
Bareera Hahahahaaha Bareera
Sep 27th 2011
lily Very funny Lily
Sep 25th 2011
 яυмαιsα Looolllllllllll......................! яυмαιsα
Sep 20th 2011
Urooj Hehehehehe........ Urooj
Sep 18th 2011
maria Gr8!! Maria
Sep 17th 2011
Bint waseem Hahahahahahahaha.... Bint Waseem
Sep 16th 2011
Amna Lol.......=) Amna
Sep 15th 2011
Saba Hhehehhehheeh :)) Saba
Sep 15th 2011
Wajeeha Thankx everyone for your comments Wajeeha
Sep 13th 2011
fatima Hahhaha folish aliens... Fatima
Sep 13th 2011
Manal Haha..Nice One GuRl :-) Manal
Sep 12th 2011
Fatema Hahhahaha lolzz Fatema
Sep 12th 2011
Namra Hihihihihihihihiihi............................................ Namra
Sep 12th 2011

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