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Waleed Dilawar
Waleed Dilawar
Lahore Grammar School Defence Phase V
The Wild Animal I Have Become
Published On Apr 29th 2010
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I was sitting in my class, listening to the teacher’s lecture (or rather, pretending to) when a paper ball made contact with the back of my head. I didn’t bother to look around as I knew it was the class bully who was an immature animal, looking for something to entertain himself with, until the teacher’s lecture would stop.

My best friend, who was sitting beside me, picked up the ball of paper with the intention of throwing it back at the offender but I stopped him. The next five minutes passed with the bombardment of paper balls at the back of my head. Our teacher still failed to notice. I was still calm even though there was a burning sensation in my chest. Soon I heard the fool call my name so I turned around in my seat. He whispered to me to open and read the papers. I did. The first one I opened contained abusive words which were meant for me. The rest contained similar messages, some for my friend as well.

Suddenly my patience was lost. The animal within me arose. It wanted freedom and I was most delighted to give it. I didn’t care of the consequences I later had to face. Blood erupted in my head as I let the animal within me out of its cage. I knew if I let loose the animal I could bring this foolish person near to death. It was my worst fear that one day I would be unable to stop the animal. At the same time whenever, I let out the animal I felt truly free. . It felt great to be the animal, to be free to follow my own instincts to get rid of my anger.

My best friend, who knew about my anger problem, could see what I was thinking. It was his turn to stop me. He spoke to me and told me to calm down. I turned to look at him, trying my best to control myself. And he could see in my eyes that I was going to do anything. He relaxed. I turned to look at the bully, who was waiting for my reaction. We stared at each other for a while and then I smiled at him. He would never really know how lucky he was for being spared. He had absolutely no idea of the menace he had almost awakened. The bell rang. He left, taking care to bang into my shoulder as he passed. My friend and I stared at each other and then grinned. I told myself, walking away, that there was always tomorrow.

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Comments 7
areeba Good Areeba
Jan 6th 2012
Zernab NICE!!!!! Zernab
Mar 12th 2011
Waleed Thanks Waleed
Dec 29th 2010
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
yamna Its cool Yamna
Jul 18th 2010

u know it was so amazing that i want to read so much.anybody love this?????

May 6th 2010

Nice one !!!

Apr 28th 2010

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