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Mehar Murad
Mehar Murad
Nasra School
My Lovely Mom
Published On Aug 26th 2011
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Good bye mom, good bye
It was 15 of April when you died,
How it happened and why???
We did all that we could try,
How can we face this grief,
Nothing can give us now relief,
We miss you mom, we miss you...........
Your talk, your touch, your love,
Now we can only pray for you,
And make your dreams come true,
To be near you at ease,
May Allah let your rest in peace.........
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Comments 14
(^_^) O may her soul rest in peace Ameen! (^_^)
Aug 29th 2012
Disenchanted. Our mom means the world 2 us.I hope your mom will rest in peace Disenchanted.
Jul 27th 2012
Emaan I can't imagine how strong you are, Mehar, that you are living without your mom,the person who gave you everything you could possibly ask for. Who understood you. Who loved you. I am very sad and sorry that your mom died. May her soul rest in peace and Go to Jannah (Amin) I myself can't live a week without my mom.I love her more than everything in the whole world,more than candy. You are so strong and so brave! Allah give you strength (Amin) Emaan
Jul 27th 2012
Raniah NICE Poem.. may ALLAH bless u all family . . . . . AMEEN . . . . ! ! :) Raniah
Jul 17th 2012
Disenchanted. May Allah allow her rest in Peace and when ever u miss her just think she is Jannah I did the same thing when someone passes in my family! I must say u r a very strong person living without her if u would like please send me a friend request so whenever u think i can help i will help!If anyone passes away in my family who is close I might die by sadness or be mad cuz I know that i am ultra sensitive. Last time when somebody who was not that close passed away I had fever.BTW your piem made me cry..=( Disenchanted.
Jul 8th 2012
Lobna May Allah bless her and let her soul live in heaven, where there is no grieve or sadness. If you really want to give her and your father the best reward ever, then learn the whole Quran so that Allah will inshaallah reward them with a crown made of shining light which they will inshaallah wear in the day of judgement Lobna
Feb 1st 2012
xerac May her soul rests in peace ......... :[ Xerac
Sep 30th 2011
aamna Nice Poem Aamna
Sep 17th 2011
Amna So Sad!!! =( Amna
Sep 16th 2011
Mehar Thanx to all for ur sympathies Mehar
Sep 14th 2011
yamna May allah bless ur mom but if we do good that will be a reward for our parents on the day of jugdment. Yamna
Sep 6th 2011
Directioner Forever I m too sorry 2 hear that u dnt hve ur mum & may she be given place in jannat-ul-firdous :( May allah make u stronger 2 survive this grief :( AMEEN SUM-A-AMEEN..... Directioner Forever
Sep 5th 2011
alina May Allah bless her soul and make u stronger to survive with this grief...(Aameen). Alina
Sep 4th 2011
Urooj Its soo sad that u dont have ur mother may allah bless her ameen! Urooj
Sep 1st 2011

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