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Mahnoor Khalid
Mahnoor Khalid
Lahore Garrison Grammer School
Tasty Soup
Published On Aug 22nd 2011
Total Comments : 54
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Guest: This soup tastes funny.
Host: Then why aren’t you laughing!
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Comments 54
KHAN Good but by the way will you be my friend? Khan
Dec 6th 2013
Arwa Nice joke yar :) Arwa
Jun 1st 2013
Naima Wow,aapi your joke is very beautiful. i like your joke. Naima
Oct 21st 2012
Emaan Hi........ Nice Joke Mahnoor Emaan
Oct 5th 2012
eisha Oh sorry; that wasnt me; it was my brother (this happens alot). are you on fb? tell me your email so i can send you a request there. :) ( to mahnoor khalid only) Eisha
Jul 16th 2012
Abdulaziz Abdullah'dont you know that vshineworld is a website Abdulaziz
Jun 9th 2012
Abdullah Whats this WHat is this vshineworld Abdullah
May 24th 2012
Mahnoor Thank you vry much to all of my frnds!!!!!! Mahnoor
Jan 14th 2012
Azka Am too 12 yrs old....n really would appreciate ur friendship guyzz...!!! plzzz.... Azka
Jan 10th 2012
aisha Plzzz be my friend Aisha
Dec 8th 2011
saher Hello mahnoor im also like to amke friends Saher
Dec 3rd 2011
Laiba WOW! Ramsha ix lucky to have u as a sis. Both frnds sir/last name is same.COOL Laiba
Nov 7th 2011
Mahnoor Ramsha is my friend, classmate, but like a sister Mahnoor
Oct 31st 2011
Laiba I got it Ramsha !!! Laiba
Oct 30th 2011
Ramsha Me also Ramsha
Oct 28th 2011
Mahnoor Yes, she's Mahnoor
Oct 28th 2011
Laiba Is BAREERA ur sis? Laiba
Oct 24th 2011
Bint waseem Hahahaha......... Bint Waseem
Oct 12th 2011
Mahnoor Hye Saher Mahnoor
Sep 27th 2011
saher Hello mahnoor Saher
Sep 25th 2011
Mahnoor We r 4 sis. Mahnoor
Sep 21st 2011
Laiba What about siblings? Laiba
Sep 20th 2011
Mahnoor No, Laiba it's not my pic. She's my classmate Hira Mahnoor
Sep 20th 2011
Urooj Hehehehheheeh......... Urooj
Sep 19th 2011
Laiba How many siblings do u hav? Laiba
Sep 19th 2011
Laiba Beautiful pic noor. Is that U Laiba
Sep 19th 2011
Bint waseem HAHAHA NYC!! Bint Waseem
Sep 19th 2011
Naima Good Naima
Sep 17th 2011
Maria Hahaha Maria
Sep 17th 2011
Mahnoor Also Thanx to Mohammad soban, Ayesha and to all Mahnoor
Sep 16th 2011
Mahnoor Thanx Usaid, Naima, Zahra, Ammar Mahnoor
Sep 16th 2011
Sep 10th 2011
Naima It is too funny. Naima
Sep 8th 2011
Zahra Funny..... Zahra
Sep 3rd 2011
Ammar Most funny soup and joke Ahhhhh...... Ammar
Sep 1st 2011
ayesha Really nice mahnoor Ayesha
Aug 31st 2011
Mohammmad You Commented on my screen THANKXXX! Mohammmad
Aug 30th 2011
Mohammmad Good JOKE...... Mohammmad
Aug 30th 2011
Mohammmad Thank for the Comments Mahnoor... You are also a good writer.. I have sent you a friend request... accept it... Ok... I am Soban.... I am also 12 years old... Mohammmad
Aug 30th 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Wow awsome Rockingurl Mina
Aug 29th 2011
Mahnoor Hi Noreen nice to frndship with u but what kind of ID u need. Mahnoor
Aug 27th 2011
Mahnoor Ya Saher I can make u my best frnd. B ut Pls tell me yr class. Mahnoor
Aug 27th 2011
Zainab Nice joke....... Zainab
Aug 27th 2011
Urooj So and so Urooj
Aug 25th 2011
Noreen Hey mahnoo i think you can be a good friend can you post your id on coment i want that you make me your best friend i have friends but not like u they are my friends but i want to make you best friend pleas Noreen
Aug 25th 2011
Mahnoor Hello Saher but pls correct a mistake my spellings are not mahoonr these are mahnoor. Mahnoor
Aug 25th 2011
saher Hello im ur new frnd saher im frm murree and im also 12 years old so we are the good frnds write? reply me Saher
Aug 25th 2011
saher Hello mahoonr Saher
Aug 25th 2011
Aug 24th 2011
garneld Not funny Garneld
Aug 24th 2011
Laiba I usually dont use my email account much as i have a particullar timetable so i wont be able to chat much MANO. i only visit vshine n comment n i like it. Laiba
Aug 23rd 2011
Laiba Gud try.well my school best friend name is also MAHNOOR. class 7. Laiba
Aug 23rd 2011
Zuhaa Not funny Zuhaa
Aug 22nd 2011
Aug 22nd 2011

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