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Saba  Mahfooz
Saba Mahfooz
Arrange It Correct
Published On Aug 16th 2011
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Karnemd (Place)
Laebaba (Bird)
Sondelo (Food)
Peoahygrg (Subject)
Rabe (Animal)
R U Genius? Reply Me Must...

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Comments 9
Saba Thanks Saba
Oct 22nd 2011
aamna Nice Article Aamna
Sep 17th 2011
Wafa I dont like this type of quetions in which we have to answer in comments.well your article is good.butmaybe not for me. JUST KIDDING Wafa
Sep 2nd 2011
alina 1.Denmark,2.ababeal,3.noodles,4.geography,5.bear....and the last ans of the question is YES...certainly yes..even unfortunately yes....=]....=p... :D... Alina
Aug 19th 2011
l Oh yes 2. is ababeal L
Aug 18th 2011
Maham 5. bear... i dont know abt the 2. Maham
Aug 18th 2011
Pivak 2nd iz ababeal... m i right? Pivak
Aug 17th 2011
l 1.Denmark 2. 3.Noodles 4.Geography 5.Bear plz tell the 2. one. L
Aug 17th 2011
Maham 1. denmark 2. 3. noodles 4. geography 5. Maham
Aug 17th 2011

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