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Maria Malik
Maria Malik
Nop, Yup
Published On Aug 13th 2011
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First man: do you know which people say "yup or nop" instead of "yes or no"?
Second man: Those who don’t have manners and are informal always!
First man: are you a formal guy?
Second man: yup!
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Comments 12
eesha Laibah don't think of me wrong u r my frnd so i'm correcting u only.....hope u understand Eesha
Jul 23rd 2013
eesha I totally agree w8 Uswah....Laiba u can share jokes n riddles in v shine u dont say it copied its shared w8 us....n yeah i haven't heard this joke anywhere....STOP DISCOURAGING PPL YAAAR Eesha
Jul 23rd 2013
Uswah Laibah stop being rude!!!!!!! I HATEEEEEE U! Wat do u actually want! LAIBAH wat if only u have red i amongst us i have not read it before and it IS hilarious! If sum1 says ur stuff is copied u say that its not and that its SHARED then y are u rude with others It is not gud at all! U want others to appreciate u but u dont! Why do u expect someone to do a thing contrary to ur behaviour! (thanx all for reading such LONG comment!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :P) Very silly and HILARIOUS JOKE MARIA :) :D :D :D :D hahahahaha Uswah
Jul 21st 2013
Laibah Why are you laughing ??????????? its copied from at least a hundred magazines !!!!!!!!! Laibah
Apr 27th 2013
Laibah BORING Laibah
Apr 26th 2013
Bint waseem! Bint Waseem
Sep 12th 2011
xxAngelxx Funny Xxangelxx
Aug 21st 2011
usaidkhan Haaahaaa.;/;/. Usaidkhan
Aug 17th 2011
Aliza Hahaha Aliza
Aug 14th 2011
huma Haha:D Huma
Aug 14th 2011
alina Hahahahahahahahaha......... Alina
Aug 14th 2011
Urooj HEHEHEHE Urooj
Aug 13th 2011

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