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Iman Fatima
Iman Fatima
Beacon House School
Girls Rock
Published On Aug 12th 2011
Total Comments : 18
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Girls rock,
cause they are intelligent,
they have trend
and like to make friends,
they like shopping
and some rocking in the parties,
girls like the colour pink,
and know how to wink,
they have cool clothes ,
and have ideas to make
people fool,
they like to go to the towers ,
and love flowers,
they are fashionable,
and adorable,
So they rock!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments 18
aasiya Absolutely rite! Aasiya
Mar 22nd 2013
Ghumaisa Greaaaaaaatttt Ghumaisa
Dec 31st 2013
aamna Nice poem Aamna
Sep 15th 2011
Bint waseem it!! Bint Waseem
Sep 14th 2011
Aliza Yaeh, its true nyc , lovely and true peom, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ROCK> Aliza
Aug 29th 2011
xerac I agree .....girls really rock Xerac
Aug 28th 2011
Zainab Gooooodyyyy Zainab
Aug 23rd 2011
friend Wow nice Friend
Aug 23rd 2011
Directioner Forever I like it ....... GIRLS DO ROCK..... Directioner Forever
Aug 19th 2011
iman Yup and also very intelligent :p:p Iman
Aug 18th 2011
Bareera Hhhnnhh...!! girls. Girls are rocking but also very innocent Bareera
Aug 18th 2011
iman Thnx everyone!!!!..........thnx for ur compliments Iman
Aug 16th 2011
iman Anyway but we rock!!!! Iman
Aug 14th 2011
iman Anyway but we rock!!!! Iman
Aug 14th 2011
Aisha A nice poem, really Girls do rock!! Aisha
Aug 13th 2011
Urooj Hmmmmmmn nyc girlzz rock! Urooj
Aug 13th 2011
alina Yup.....yamna is 100% right but anyway still there are many reasons to know that why girls rocks and it is truth that GIRLZZZZ ROCK..... Alina
Aug 12th 2011
yamna Well we girls doesn't always rocks,being fashionable or trendy is not the reason why girls rocks. Yamna
Aug 12th 2011

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