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Anees  Fatima
Anees Fatima
Al-ahmed School
Published On Aug 10th 2011
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Why 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 ate 9!!!
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Comments 22
FIZZA Owsem!!!!!!!!!!! hmm......funny joke!.please please please accept my friend request. Fizza
Jul 24th 2013
sara Oh ! why u ppl are fighting here .. ? Dn't fight yawr , just chill frndx :) Sara
Jun 19th 2012
usaidkhan RING THE BELL Usaidkhan
Sep 10th 2011
xxAngelxx I agree with bint Xxangelxx
Aug 21st 2011
alina Grade 4.... Alina
Aug 17th 2011
Saba In wich class u r? alina ????????? Saba
Aug 17th 2011
alina Yes I hav 4give her... Alina
Aug 16th 2011
Saba I can understand bt both of u shuld apologize eachother & forgiv eachother for Allah's sake........... Allah vil giv u ajjar bcoz Our Prophet (SAW) used to forgiv his enemies... for following his sunnah for sure Allah vil giv u SAWAB (INSHALLAH) & u knw this is month of ramdan moth of blessings' month of forgiveness dis is the month wen satin r chained & doors of hell r closed & doors of jannah r open so plz try to stop all these things & try to make most of it.............(MAY ALLAH FORGIV US ALL) Ameeen Saba
Aug 15th 2011
Saba Yeah i knw alina Saba
Aug 15th 2011
alina Look I think u are called bint Mahfooz .....look it was not my mistake and I want to ans ur Q that we have sign up here to learn but it was not my mistake but I have excused her and also said her and now it depends on Fatima that she excused me or not.... Alina
Aug 15th 2011
Saba OMG OMG!!!!!!!OMG OMG !!!!!!!wellll can sumbody let me knw that this is site for getting information or getting practice that hw to fyt (fight) Saba
Aug 14th 2011
alina I mean thank god you have understand that I don't have brain and I want to see u so plz put your pic on.... Alina
Aug 14th 2011
alina I have not asked you ......well thank u understand that I don't have brain..... Alina
Aug 14th 2011
fatima I dont talk with brainless people...... Fatima
Aug 13th 2011
fatima Because samia have brain and knows who have brain...................... Fatima
Aug 13th 2011
alina And samia what I have done with you that you are agreed with fatima??????????? Alina
Aug 13th 2011
alina SHUT UP.................. Alina
Aug 13th 2011
Wafa Good Wafa
Aug 12th 2011
Aug 12th 2011
fatima Nice......... to understand it alina you have to have brain.................. Fatima
Aug 12th 2011
syed saad Hahahaha very funny cool Syed Saad
Aug 10th 2011
alina Can't understand !!!! Alina
Aug 10th 2011

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