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Wania Syed
Wania Syed
Sms Aga Khan
Islamabad Tour
Published On Aug 9th 2011
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In summer vacations I went to Islamabad. It was a beautiful place! So natural and so attractive.... one day we went on Margalla hills. The way was so curved and also very dangerous but at last we reached at our destination at Peer Sohawa. There was one hotel name Monali. The food was awesome and very delicious!! It was late night when we were coming back in the ways the street lights were very dim and we could not see the road properly it was so horrible and very much dark environment. I was in tension!! Suddenly many pigs were coming in front of our car. It was too dangerous but my cousin still driving the car!!! At last we reached home but that night I remember always!!! I will recommend you to visit Islamabad. The city is so beautiful but Margalla hills are too dangerous oh! My God!
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Comments 35
Samra Nyc story wania I like it. u r write Islamabad is really a beautiful place and its natural and attractive. Samra
Sep 6th 2014
FIZZA!!!!!!!!! Fizza
Jul 25th 2013
Syeda Laiba Yeah islamabad is a place to go we should thank allah that he has bessed us with a great country i am so proud to be a pakistani Syeda Laiba
Mar 24th 2013
Soha Hey, You're right! Driving on Margalla hills is really very dangerous!!!!!!!! I also saw--- over there! We were so scared! And, I went to Pir Sohawa many times!! And the MONAL restaurant is at the top! Am I Right? I went there!! I am living in Islamabad! Beautiful place!!!!! Soha
Jan 23rd 2013
Wania Yeah... it is true... Wania
Oct 12th 2012
Maria This is your real pic? Maria
Sep 22nd 2012
Maria Hy! this is your pic? Maria
Sep 20th 2012
Maria Hi how r u wania? ur pic is soooooooooo lovely.....!!!!!!! Maria
Jun 7th 2012
fakiha Hi whas up??????????????????? Fakiha
Jun 7th 2012
Maria Nice.....! Maria
Jun 3rd 2012
Noreen Very nice love it Noreen
Apr 7th 2012
Wania Thank you tanzeela for comments...... Wania
Nov 5th 2011
Tanzeela The road to peer sohawa is dangerous... Tanzeela
Oct 25th 2011
Tanzeela Interesting Tanzeela
Oct 25th 2011
Wania Thanksh amna!!!!!!!! Wania
Oct 3rd 2011
aamna Very nice Aamna
Sep 27th 2011
momina Not to be rude,its lame!dont mind.i am sure you will improve Momina
Sep 9th 2011
Wania Thanks for your lovely comment fatima!!! Wania
Aug 29th 2011
Fatima Not nice Fatima
Aug 29th 2011
Aliza Nice but alina is right , using this word ix not gud in Islam? Aliza
Aug 26th 2011
hurriya I like your picture :) Hurriya
Aug 25th 2011
hurriya Nice is it true? plz answer Hurriya
Aug 25th 2011
Wania Alina there are pigs in Islamabad!!! SPECIALLY in mid night and as well as on margalla hills!!!! Wania
Aug 23rd 2011
Wania Its okay alina!!!! and thanks for your comment.......:) Wania
Aug 23rd 2011
alina I am sry 4 my last comments actually it was my younger bro who was teasing me while I was commenting and press the button and submit the comment.I was asking that why you have written word Pig????And I think there are no pigs in Islamabad???? Alina
Aug 21st 2011
alina The story is nyc but the problem is that ++++++ Alina
Aug 21st 2011
Wania Yup it was attractive!!!and thanks for your comment mahnoor:) Wania
Aug 21st 2011
Mahnoor Very attractive Tour Wania Mahnoor
Aug 20th 2011
mamuna Fine... Mamuna
Aug 17th 2011
iman good!!!!!!! Iman
Aug 17th 2011
Wania Thanks fatima and what is your full name!!!! Wania
Aug 16th 2011
fatima Good................................ Fatima
Aug 14th 2011
Wafa OK Wafa
Aug 12th 2011
Wania Okay and thanks for your comment!!! Wania
Aug 11th 2011
Itachi Nice.plz comment on my story A Very big surprise. Itachi
Aug 10th 2011

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