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Maryam Raza
Maryam Raza
Star Links School
Always Think Twice
Published On Aug 5th 2011
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I saw her weeping, trying to hide her tears. Everyone else was so busy in their own work to even notice Rachael. I wanted to go to her, comfort her but then how could I, we weren’t exactly on good terms these days so wouldn’t it seem odd? I was too lost in my thoughts, fighting against right and wrong to even notice Hillary.
She had turned round, saw her friends face dripping with tears and stood up during class. She went over to Rachael sat next to her and asked her what’s wrong. Not a sound came from her lips just her fingers pointed at me. By then everyone in class was watching the present scenario.
I couldn’t understand what was happening; everyone looked at me with pity except for Hillary. Her eyes had turned into daggers, her face all red and full of anger.
I kept thinking of all my past mistakes, none were associated with Rachael. We barely talked and even when we did it wouldn’t make her cry, it infuriated me a lot. How dare she blame it at me, I did nothing. Malicious thoughts started raging my mind, I could feel my heart beating faster but I couldn’t do anything until the end of the class.
Bell rang, the teacher left, I got up and I left someone tapping me from behind. I turned round to see Rachael standing, before I could say anything she came nearer to me. I thought she might slap me. I went back a few paces. I tried to say something, but before I could get a word in edge ways, she hugged me. I could feel her arms around my neck, her hair smelled of strawberries.
Something kept me from smiling, I started burning with anger, I didn’t even know why. I could see Hope, Reema and Carly staring at us, they were making faces to annoy me and I knew I would deal with them later. At least I thanked God, Rachael wasn’t crying because of me, but as it is said never take your victory lap unless you’ve won the game. Her hands slowly uncoiled from my neck as her face came close to my ears as she spoke such unwanted words “My brother smokes…”
I was astonished, speechless, what was I suppose to say. I knew she wanted my advice, wanted me to say something to calm her, make her feel that everything will get fine. I was still angry at her but I couldn’t just tell her to go away. I maybe angry but I’m not heartless. 
She started her tale of how her father smokes but never as much. Even her brother always lectured Mr. Black. It all started a few days ago when she started to smell the odour of tobacco smoke coming from her brother’s room. She always believed her brother would never smoke, even her mom at times became suspicious but then Rachael changed her mind. It was only yesterday that she saw a packet of cigarettes in her brother’s room. She asked him but he simply said that it was none of her business.
I was so indulged in her story. I could see her face she was trying to hold her tears, sniffing after every word. I wanted to comfort her, tell her everything will be fine, but how?? I kept trying to form sentences in my mind, trying to find the right words that will make her smile. I hadn’t seen her smile properly in days; to be honest I missed it. I missed her laughter, her smile, our friendship. But I’ve been ignoring her for the past few days, how can I simply tell her I want her back.
My mind had gone into its own world, I was shaken back into reality when Rachael said my name for the third time, she wanted to know what she should do, how she should make her brother realize.
Like I said I didn’t know the answer, all I said was talk to him again and again. Until she didn’t want to hear no more. She sighed, thanked me and sat in her place. I kept standing there, biting my upper lip, I knew I should have said something better.
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Comments 21
Mushtaq Nice one Mushtaq
Dec 27th 2013
Gullasht Hi maryam plz you like and comment on my story ant in the castle Gullasht
Mar 27th 2013
Yusra the best story i have ever laid my eyes on. :) I love it :) Yusra
Feb 11th 2013
areeba I think aiman is stupid and don't know the difference between a good or bad story Areeba
Jan 2nd 2012
Aiman Toooooooooooooooooooo boring stupid story Aiman
Oct 2nd 2011
Sep 24th 2011
Maryam @wafa : i don't mind a bit...! i'm happy i could clear it out =) Maryam
Aug 31st 2011
Fatima But too long Fatima
Aug 29th 2011
Fatima Gud 1 Fatima
Aug 29th 2011
kashmala Nice suspense!!! good story! Kashmala
Aug 27th 2011
Aliza I cant understand a lilltle bt not bad Aliza
Aug 26th 2011
Saniya Who's the narrator? Saniya
Aug 21st 2011
Aug 17th 2011
Maryam This is actually a sneak peek of my novel. so in this yes it is incomplete, but only to keep the suspense.. thus at the present moment the reader has to create the end. =) Maryam
Aug 13th 2011
Wafa Then how did they solve the problem your story is inomplete Wafa
Aug 12th 2011
Momina Good story Momina
Aug 8th 2011
Itachi Well done Maryam!! NYC Story!!! Itachi
Aug 6th 2011
Maryam Hilary is Rachael's friend and no this is not a true story Maryam
Aug 6th 2011
Maryam I can't understand that who was hillary????? Maryam
Aug 5th 2011
l Who was hillary... L
Aug 5th 2011
alina I can understand a bit..but who was Rachael and Hillary and is this true story?????? Alina
Aug 5th 2011

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