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Maham Shahzad
Maham Shahzad
Bright Future Pakistani International School
Published On Aug 5th 2011
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Today I had a dream
In which I ate some cream
The time was 6o' clock of morning
Be serious! It’s a warning
Pixies gathering around me
Goblins staggering towards me
Meanwhile I was faint
Suddenly it began to rain
I got many scratches and cuts
Some pixies took me to a hut
When I reached there
I saw some things very rare
I felt things around me moving
And then the whole hut started flying
I looked out of the window
And saw down were fertile meadows
I gave a cry of fright
For such an amazing sight
As the flyaway cottage flew towards east
While I ate my yummy feast
I saw mountains upside down
They all looked like funny clowns
In a topsy-turvy town
I saw a talking umbrella
Eating chocolates with vanilla
I saw a watch talking
And it was really shocking
I explored strange things
And met good and bad kings
I heard a voice wakeup wakeup
And then the whole dream was given up
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Comments 12
maryam Very nice maham Maryam
Dec 10th 2011
aamna Nice Poem Aamna
Sep 17th 2011
Bint waseem Gud job!! Bint Waseem
Sep 10th 2011
Directioner Forever I'LL DIE IF IT CAME 2 MY DREAMS. BUT NICE EFFORT Directioner Forever
Aug 23rd 2011
yamna Awesome.i wish all this was in matches some story i guess. Yamna
Aug 21st 2011
iman Amazing!! Iman
Aug 18th 2011
Namra Awesome! Namra
Aug 15th 2011
Maham Thanks everyone. Maham
Aug 10th 2011
eisha Its the best poem i read in this website , i mean better than any other poem submitted by kids on this site. awesome! Eisha
Aug 8th 2011
Fatima Very nice peom! Fatima
Aug 7th 2011
Urooj Do u realllllly dream it.if yes than i should say that it is the most imaginary dream i ever heard.anyway nyc poem Urooj
Aug 6th 2011
Aisha Maham really nice. Do you really dream these things(haha) Aisha
Aug 5th 2011

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