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Maria Malik
Maria Malik
Secrets Of Desires
Published On Aug 3rd 2011
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We all probably wish for something once, twice or more in a day. Some of the wishes are fulfilled but some are never. Have you ever pondered on this point? Well, to fulfill your desires there two highly vital key points to be kept in mind.
Firstly, keep a low amount of desires. People’s desires are limitless, sometimes they wish for everything they see what they do not have, mostly materialistic possessions. Keeping very high peaked desires may cause halts to make it come true. Just work step by step. There should be one desire at a time on which a person puts his all force unless it is accomplished, then another to be worked on. Half-heartedly struggle for many wishes never works. Here citing this quote is necessary, “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up”. 
“When you really desire something, the whole universe conspires to help you in achieving it”.
This famous quote by Paulo Coelho depicts the second point to be noticed. Wishes come true if you really want them to be. It means to make that wish come true your heart, soul and brain, while doing anything, must only keep one goal in their mind; that wish. For example if a person desires the satisfaction of Allah for him so he would do everything which brings him nearer to Allah and will follow all His commands at every point of life. Some desires are made by an absent mind and heart; a person never struggles for it. Pakistan originated as a result of a desire and a hard struggle. A desire kept in heart, without any struggle is never fulfilled.
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Comments 9
hafsa Really awesome.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hafsa
Jul 11th 2012
aamna Nice Article Aamna
Sep 17th 2011
Maham True and great Maham
Aug 28th 2011
Urooj Reallllllly nycccc Urooj
Aug 6th 2011
maria @areej. nop! i just read some novel when i get spare time! Maria
Aug 5th 2011
Areej Wow! r u affilated with literature or somethin' Areej
Aug 4th 2011
maria If you read the kind of novels, you like to write, u will surely get lots of help to write something relevant. Maria
Aug 4th 2011
faizan An awesome article which highlights the value of desires in a concise and pithy way. Well written. Faizan
Aug 4th 2011
Aisha An excellent article, I want to ask you Khuzema that how are you writing so good articles, are you taking help from someone or some other source or by your own. Aisha
Aug 3rd 2011

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