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Aisha Abdul Quddus
Aisha Abdul Quddus
Bright Future Pakistani International School
Published On Aug 3rd 2011
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What is English?
 It's like a rotten fish
Let’s see what English grammar shows
First comes noun with her two bows
Always around her there is crowd
So that's why she is proud
Common and proper noun are her cousins
They all belong to proud section
Everybody feels pity on adjective
As her look is really attractive
Then comes pronoun with his grand stick
As the old grandfather is often sick
Preposition is also very clever
But because of fever she always shivers
Now you see what really is English
Now won't you say it's like a rotten fish?
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Comments 62
Aleena YUP everything...... Aleena
Dec 23rd 2011
Aisha Oh Aleena dear I am sooo sorry for late reply my new o'level classes have started so i am a bit busy, Yeah i came back from pakistan in november. How are you these days and how are your studies... Aisha
Dec 9th 2011
Aleena No Aisha no at all....have u came back from PAKISTAN???? Aleena
Dec 3rd 2011
Aisha Aleena dear are you kind of angry with me not replying me or anything else..... Aisha
Nov 11th 2011
Aisha A very very eid mubarak to my dearest friend Aleena....May you recieve many more blessings by god.....Are you enjoying..... Aisha
Nov 7th 2011
Aisha Hello Aleena how are you and what are your plans for eid ul adha......reply early..... Aisha
Nov 5th 2011
Aisha Salam to you too aleena, actually right now i am in multan in my house not in a hotel.....I am enjoying a lot.... Aisha
Oct 22nd 2011
Aleena Salam , Aisha welcome to Pakistan and tell me in which hotel you are staying? Aleena
Oct 20th 2011
Aisha Hey aleena, right now i am in pakistan and i am so happy..... Aisha
Oct 19th 2011
Aisha Actually you see our exams were there recently and now we are going to pak so we hav to do lots of preparations....i myself sit at computer quite less now..... Aisha
Oct 14th 2011
Aleena Aisha why khadija is not replying? Aleena
Oct 12th 2011
Aisha Some days only at least 1 month....... Aisha
Oct 10th 2011
Aleena Khadija told how many days would you stay in Pakistan? Aleena
Oct 8th 2011
Aisha How did you come to know..... Aisha
Oct 8th 2011
Aleena you are coming Pakistan on the 17th of this month...right? Aleena
Oct 7th 2011
Aisha Oh com'n aleena, i didn't forgot anyone, it's actually that have exams from sunday, so i am using computer less..... You didn't commented from many days, so i also didn't commented her.....But now hat you are back i will try my best to reply.... Aisha
Oct 6th 2011
Aleena Aisha I am very sorry to say that now when u have made some new friends ( Arooj , Mustajab and Assawer) so u have forgotten your old friends.... Aleena
Oct 4th 2011
aamna Nice Poem Aamna
Sep 17th 2011
Aleena Yeah now I am quite fine....and essay competition has cancelled due to some reasons....are u going school these days? Aleena
Sep 10th 2011
Aisha Ok thanx for replying...Is your essay competition over and how are you now Aisha
Sep 9th 2011
Aleena Thanks Assawer....and Aisha that card was not for the competetion... Aleena
Sep 8th 2011
Directioner Forever Happy bd aleena Directioner Forever
Sep 7th 2011
Aisha I could never forget your birthday.... Plz answer my question...... Aisha
Sep 6th 2011
Aleena Thanks dear, I thought that u have forgotten my birthday.... Aleena
Sep 5th 2011
Aisha Happy Birthday Aleena, May god bless you and you may live happily.........Once again Happy Birthday.. Aisha
Sep 5th 2011
Aleena Aoa. Aleena bji HAPPY BIRTHDAY....My Allah bless you!!! Aleena
Sep 5th 2011
Aisha My question is that once you send a card in Vshine called Eid card. But that card was copied from internet, Why did you posted a card when it was not made by you. Plz don't mind and do answer..... Aisha
Aug 31st 2011
Aleena Yes Aisha what's your question????????? Aleena
Aug 29th 2011
Aisha OK Aleena then i will try to give you a surprise. Hope you like it. And Aleena plz can you answer my one question plz plz and plz don't mind it too....... Aisha
Aug 29th 2011
Aleena Aisha I am very happy bcz after some days there is my birthday.....hope u remembered...if no then u can visit my screen...and read again ABOUT ME Aleena
Aug 29th 2011
Aisha Once again , Thank u so much Aleena. You are so sweet. Aisha
Aug 28th 2011
Aleena Happy Birthday... Aleena
Aug 28th 2011
Aisha Here is some information about Saturn.... Saturn is surrounded by rings that shine brightly in the sunlight. The rings are made up of million and millions of lump of ice. Some lumps are as big as cars others are the size of ice cubes. Jupiter and Saturn are called gas giants. This is because they don't have a solid surface like earth. They have thick layer of gas and then liquid. You can't land on any of them in a spacecraft. Till now i have this much information but i will try to find more..... Aisha
Aug 27th 2011
Aisha Yeah Assawer she is my sis, Plz can you tell me that are you are a girl or a boy. Aisha
Aug 27th 2011
Directioner Forever Hey aisha is khadija ur sis???????? Directioner Forever
Aug 26th 2011
Aleena Yeah I am fasting. And I needed that information for my essay writing competition in school... Aleena
Aug 26th 2011
Aisha Yeah sure Aleena i will try my best to give you maximum information about Saturn. But why do you need it? In school or some other place? Are you fasting these days? Plz answer my whole comment and quickly . Yes i am now in 8th class but after vacation i will gave 1st term exams then in O levels Aisha
Aug 25th 2011
Aleena Yar Aisha i need ur some help. Plz if u have any information about the planet SATURN plz give me (through comments). But not from the net. only if u have some personal information???? Aleena
Aug 25th 2011
Aleena I am in 9th...and i have to give board exams so just pray for which class u r 8th or 9th? Aleena
Aug 24th 2011
Aisha Yeah, Aleena first we also purchased vshine from a supermarket near our house but it was available sometimes and sometimes not, so we subscribed it. Why don't you subscribe it. Aleena in which class are you now 9th or 10th Aisha
Aug 24th 2011
Aleena And mine on is also an A-line frock...... Aleena
Aug 23rd 2011
Aleena Yar i only read the magazine ONLINE but not by purchasing bcz the shop is of great distance from our home from where i could buy this magazine. In whole Lahore it is available only in one shop.. Aleena
Aug 23rd 2011
Aug 23rd 2011
aamna Excellent story Aamna
Aug 23rd 2011
Aisha Mines a A-line frock of red color with orange ribbon and and orange trouser. Aleena r u reading v shine magazine. Aisha
Aug 23rd 2011
Aisha Mines a A-line frock of red color with orange trouser. Aisha
Aug 22nd 2011
Aleena Actually my Eid dress is a frock of baby pink and white colour with white trouser... What's yours?? Aleena
Aug 22nd 2011
Aisha Yeah she is my best friend, it was me who told her about V Shine. We are studying together since 5 class. Me and Maham are always in a competition in studies, in sports, in speeches and others. But always she is one step ahead of me. What is your Eid dress this time... Aisha
Aug 22nd 2011
Aleena Hey we are not having holidays. We just had holidays of on month (JULY)! I am already going school. Our EID holidays will be from 27 august to 4 september ! Aisha is Maham your friend and classmate? Aleena
Aug 22nd 2011
Aisha Nothing special, we r just having holidays. And what about your routine. How did you feel going to school after holidays(sad or happy). After school will open on 11 sep Aisha
Aug 21st 2011
Aleena Ooh that's good! and what else u are doing these days? Aleena
Aug 21st 2011
Aisha Oh I see, i am going for taraweeh regularly, and my Uncle(Chacho) is coming from Saudia Arabia to spend eid here. Thats exciting!!!! Aisha
Aug 20th 2011
Aleena Yeah we also always complete our shopping before eid. and I don't go for TARAWEEH. but with my mother at home. nothing special for eid but after 6 days of eid there is my cousin's marriage so all cousins are having special plans for this... Aleena
Aug 20th 2011
Aisha Wallai-kum-assalam Aleena, i am absolutely fine, and my studies are also going superb what about your studies and what are you doing these days. Aisha
Aug 19th 2011
Aleena Assalam-o-Alaikum Aisha ! how are you? how are your studies going? Aleena
Aug 13th 2011
Aisha Thanx everybody for liking it Aisha
Aug 7th 2011
Urooj Hmmmmn nyccccc urdu is much better than english Urooj
Aug 6th 2011
shaista Its a good poem Shaista
Aug 5th 2011
maria Very nice aisha & maham! english can never be compared to our languages... urdu and arabic! Maria
Aug 4th 2011
Maham True aisha. i like our own poem. Maham
Aug 4th 2011
l Wow it is a good poem.just it is a bit ununderstood.but i like it. L
Aug 3rd 2011
Aisha This poem is actually written by me and Maham both. Aisha
Aug 3rd 2011

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