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Rija Fatima
Rija Fatima
Lahore Grammar School
Allah's Love For Us..
Published On Aug 1st 2011
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Toni belonged to a poor family. He did go to a school but not a good one. His school was 2km away from his house. He always wished for a bicycle but he didn't tell anyone because then his father would buy him one and he would not care of his own needs.
One day Toni woke up he saw that in front of his own eyes was a bicycle."Ammi!", he called, "come here". His mother came running."What's the matter, my child?", she asked."Ammi look a bicycle. Abbu must have done this. Abbu, where are you? Come here". His father came with his shaving foam still on his face surprised to see the bicycle."W..where did you get it from?"."What you haven't you bought it, n..neither Ammi who?".
"Hurry Toni go to school now it almost 8am."Toni sat on his bike his mother brought him his bag and Toni went away humming happily. Toni's mother went to his father and gave him the list of the groceries, and then they heard a knock at the door. Mr.Tariq went to see who it was. There was a man he handed Mr. Tariq a leaflet and ran away."Strange,” said Mr. Tariq. He opened the leaflet. There was money, "Shameem come here", he called Mrs. Tariq," Look Shameem money, I counted it, it's 7 lac rupees"."Tariq Allah has helped us. Now we can afford food during Ramadan, Alhamdulillah, but where you did get these?"."Stop questioning we will go shopping today. We will take 500 with us. And we will buy some clothes for Eid." Said Mr. Tariq, and went for his job.
The man who gave him the money was the retired police officer of the area. When he came to know about them he felt pity, and also the Holy Ramadan was the next day. But it was all because Allah loves us, because of his mercy.

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Comments 18
Anam I don't like it... I LOVE IT!!!!! :) Anam
Apr 1st 2015
Zuhaa I loved it Zuhaa
Jan 21st 2012
areeba Well-done Areeba
Jan 2nd 2012
usaidkhan Nice one Usaidkhan
Sep 11th 2011
Fatima Its not gud story its a brillient story' Fatima
Aug 29th 2011
Aliza Nyc story nd wlcm 2 vshine Aliza
Aug 26th 2011
Wafa Welcome to vshine saher .what is your school name Wafa
Aug 25th 2011
saher Hello im ur new frnd saher im frm pakistan Saher
Aug 25th 2011
iman Gud!!! Iman
Aug 19th 2011
fatima Super.............................. Fatima
Aug 14th 2011
Momina A very nice story Momina
Aug 8th 2011
Zainab Its verrrrrrrry nyc!!!!!!!! keep it up :D :D :D Zainab
Aug 8th 2011
Zainab A reallllllllly wonderful effort and a story!!!!!!!!! Zainab
Aug 8th 2011
Wafa Good story Wafa
Aug 2nd 2011
Saba Awesummmmm Saba
Aug 2nd 2011
Bint waseem Gr888888888!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Aug 1st 2011
Aisha It would be much better, if you would have added some twists and turns but still keep it up. Aisha
Aug 1st 2011
Aisha An excellent story! Aisha
Aug 1st 2011

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