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Urooj Fati
Urooj Fati
Da Mhs 4
Published On Jul 30th 2011
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There is a word in english in which first 2 letters signify a male the first 3 letters signify a female,first 4 letters signify a great men and the whole word signify a great women... whats the word?
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Comments 19
Wafa Please Urooj accept my friend reqest Wafa
Oct 13th 2013
noor-e- Plzzz urooj accept my request. Noor-e-
May 11th 2013
Nimra Hi urooj fati plz accept my friend request i have send u it from soo long..... Nimra
Feb 19th 2013
Elsa Please add me as your friends. Elsa
Jan 30th 2013
saher Hello hru/ Saher
Dec 3rd 2011
urooj Urooj i dont know any nabeeza, and my college is da degree college for women phase 7. well can u tell me who is nabeeza and why did u ask this to me? Urooj
Aug 31st 2011
Urooj Nyc and urooj can I ask u that whats ur college full name and how do u know nabeeza plzzzz reply!! Urooj
Aug 29th 2011
mariam Good riddle i like it Mariam
Aug 10th 2011
urooj 100% right Urooj
Aug 4th 2011
samia We write riddles in joke catagory cuz everyone read jokes and some people read articles.honestly,i dont read i right urooj? Samia
Aug 3rd 2011
Wafa Why do everybody writes riddles in the jokes category it should be written in the articles category.because we have to think so much and give the answer and also in articles we have to choose a topic,think and write. Wafa
Aug 2nd 2011
xxAngelxx Amira is right Xxangelxx
Aug 1st 2011
Disenchanted. Answer:Heroine Isla it is not a joke 2 make u laugh it is a riddle. Disenchanted.
Aug 1st 2011
urooj Ilsa it wasnt a joke dear Urooj
Aug 1st 2011
xxAngelxx It was hard but i Knew the answer heroine. Xxangelxx
Jul 31st 2011
sapphire Didnt made me laugh :( Sapphire
Jul 31st 2011
xxAngelxx Easy it is Heroine. Xxangelxx
Jul 31st 2011
Namra Yar the answer is "HEROINE" Namra
Jul 31st 2011
alina Simple and easy the answer is 'HEROINE'..... Alina
Jul 30th 2011

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