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Izza Waheed
Izza Waheed
Lahore Grammar School
Published On Apr 13th 2010
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We all definitly hate Exams.We kids are always afraid, when the Exams are going to start.When, we get the "Date Sheet". We think, they will be very tough & we will have to wake the whole night. But, there is no such thing like this. It's just our thought & it's confined to only our thought. These exams, are one kind of our test.They want to see the result or you can say "Sila". That, they have came school only for us. What are we gaining?. Or either we are gaining or just fiddling away?. Teachers, which during exams, we think that they are very cruel, they don't let us cheat. Actually, they are worried for our future. They don't want to see us failed at any stage of life. This "School Life" is a "Golden Period". This "Golden Period" will never ever come back. We should try to work hard. This is our age to study. "Study, Study & Study". That's the only work you have to do.

Just, this is your work right now. Please, try to to give more attention to your studies, then in watching T.V OR Films on V.C.R. You should play, but there should be a time table. Now, I think you all will be serious to "Studies". May, Allah Almighty pass you from good marks in your Exams. AMEEN!

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Comments 4
Saniya Izza, you sound like my mother. Saniya
Jun 7th 2011

YES but they r da exams of world beside it we have to prepare for da exam of AKHIRAH!

Jun 28th 2010

izza you are hundred percent wrong .exams are very tough.i am failed three times in grade five .i am 16 years and in grade 6

Jun 24th 2010

Yeah thats true on the part of students not to take studies and exams as a burden.....Since they are a benefit for us and let us examine ourselves, what we have achieved through out the year!........

May 15th 2010

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