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Armeen Zahra
Armeen Zahra
Beaconhouse School System
Published On Jul 30th 2011
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She holds the smooth golden, trophy in her hand…feeling proud of her selves and listening the echo of claps and cheers but there was some one missing. Some one special without whom this victory was empty. Her sister always praised Sania for all of her achievements. The one who told Sania every time that be confident! Be brave! And show your enthusiasm to the world!! She was gone to never come back. Sania was a coward person; she always thought that she cannot do anything. She had a lot of ideas, thoughts and questions but it was just that she couldn’t get them out of her mind and show to all. In fact all those students who are weak have something or the other in their mind. Sania didn’t even talk to anyone. She only had two friends of her. The rest always made fun of her when she went to them. The world is like this. We have to live bravely or else people will kill us by their nasty talks. Sania's elder sister was just opposite to Sania. She was brave and straight forward. She never gave someone a chance to speak about her and she always told her younger sister to be like her. She said when you'll do something, something great, people will come to you and congratulate you but you'll always do listen their nasty talks if you didn’t change your selves. One day in school when there was an assembly presentation, Sania being a coward, her teacher gave her only two lines to speak. She was nervous though she had practiced a lot. When her turn came she spoke everything very quickly and just went off. As she was going in her line, her principal stopped and said that " I didn’t understand a word you said! Please repeat it. Sania became more nervous and started to speak her lines when she couldn’t remember anything. That day her friends, mates and the whole crowd embarrassed her a lot. She came crying home. Her sister asked her what happened. Sania told everything to her sister. Then her sister said that "now you must listen to what i say and do what i say. You have to show them your courage and your confidence which is hidden inside you". From that day Sania's sister helped her. She told her to write the things which she is good at and enjoyed doing those. Sania wrote her favourite chores. From which she loved drawing and story writing the most! She told her that share her opinions to the class. Ask questions to the teachers. Sania nervously did all of these and then her confidence level increased. She began to ask many questions to the teacher. Now she had a bit of attitude as well. Everyone was shocked. Now when Sania got average marks, other students stopped making fun of her. One day Sania came home with her result card. She was very happy and she couldn’t wait showing her result to her sister. She went in her room and saw she was sleeping. So she tried to awake her. As she pushed her a little she saw some reports in her hand in which it was written that she had Brain tumor at the very last stage. Sania was so shocked and called her parents. She called her sister but she didn’t wake up. She died. Sania became unconscious. The sister whom she loved a lot, her only friend went away from her! After a few months, there held a competition in which the person who wrote the best story would be the winner. First Sania did not want to participate but then she remembered her sister and thought lets give it a try. Her sister would be happy if she participates. So she did. Her story was very nice with good vocabulary and grammar. Her teacher told her that she would win. After a weak the result was announced with Sania very nervous. As she closed her ears when her age group's result was getting announced, they took Sania's name. Sania couldn’t hear. Then her friend told her that her name us getting announced. That day when Sania got the trophy, all the girls came to her and congratulated her and they requested her to be their friends!

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Comments 22
Marwa I am just feeling half crying . A tremendous story . AWESOME :P :) :P :) :P Marwa
Jul 27th 2013
Gullasht Hi armeen plz you comment and like my story ant in the castle Gullasht
Mar 27th 2013
Zuhaa Sad story Zuhaa
Jan 27th 2012
areeba Keep it up! * * * * * * * * Areeba
Jan 2nd 2012
Momina Mashallah Momina
Oct 12th 2011
Fatima This story is wounderful Fatima
Aug 29th 2011
Aliza Tremendous story Aliza
Aug 26th 2011
aamna Dear Armeen Your story is much nice. keep it up and if you like my poem on sky then sent me a comment. Aamna
Aug 23rd 2011
iman Is this a real story????? Iman
Aug 19th 2011
Bareera Nice Bareera
Aug 17th 2011
armeen Thanxx.... sania's sister did not tell about her illness because she also got to know about it d day she died! Armeen
Aug 14th 2011
Momina Its a sad story, but a beatiful story! is it true? Momina
Aug 8th 2011
Itachi Sorry told u the wrong title the title is A Very Big Surprise Itachi
Aug 7th 2011
Itachi Marvellouse Story!!!!!!!!!!!!But sad when Sania's sister had a brain tumer:(. Friends please comment on my story The Big Surprise. Itachi
Aug 7th 2011
Wafa This story should be the winner Wafa
Aug 2nd 2011
Wafa But why did'nt sania's sister tell sania that she had brain tumar at the last stage. Wafa
Aug 2nd 2011
Bint waseem Marvelous story!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work!!!!! Bint Waseem
Jul 31st 2011
Namra Interesting n awesome story Namra
Jul 31st 2011
Saba Awesummmmmmmmmmmmm Saba
Jul 30th 2011
Fizzah Nice Fizzah
Jul 30th 2011
Farha Wow nyc story Farha
Jul 30th 2011
Aisha An excellent story, keep it up Aisha
Jul 30th 2011

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