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Jawwad Mateen
Jawwad Mateen
The Educators
Mother In Different Languages
Published On Jul 25th 2011
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Almost same words are used to call mother in different languages of world.
Arabic                  Ahm
Bosnian                Majka
Dutch                    Meoder,  Moer
English                  Mother, Mama, Mom
French                    Mere, Maman
Greek                     Mana
Hindi                       Ma, Maji
Irish                        Mathair
Japanese                Okaasan, Haha
Latin                         Mater
Marathi                     Aayi
Neapolitan               Mamana
Old Greek                 Mytyr
Persian                     Matka ,Mama
Quechua                   Mama
Russian                     Mat
Swedish                     Madre, Morsa
Telugu                       Amma
Urdu                          Ammi, Amma
Vietnamese               Me
Welsh                         Mam
Yiddish                       Muter
Zenieze                       Moae
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Comments 7
Emaan Mom, You are all over the world :') crying tears of joy because mom is my mom! GR8 ARTICLE! Emaan
Jul 13th 2012
hafsa Gr8 Hafsa
Jul 11th 2012
javaria Excellent Javaria
Aug 18th 2011
maryam Hey nice Maryam
Aug 16th 2011
alina Nyc........... Alina
Jul 30th 2011
Hadia Nice Hadia
Jul 28th 2011
Fizzah Oh nice article Fizzah
Jul 27th 2011

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