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Aliza Syed
Aliza Syed
Roots Millennium
Nobody Is Small
Published On Jul 25th 2011
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Once there was a forest where everybody was living peacefully. They were always ready to do anything needy. But there were no schools there and they were non-educated. This forest was non-developed as compared to others. Sometimes when traders from other forests came here to trade, as these people were not educated and knew nothing, they cheated these people and took a lot of money for a small thing. Soon these people became the poorest people in the jungle world. They were very worried about this.
One day the king lion asked every animal, big or small to be present in the governor house for meeting at 1:00 pm. Every one was worried that why the king has asked EVERYBODY to attend the meeting. Though, at 1:00 pm everyone was in front of lion.  The lion started “I’ve noticed that we are the most peaceful, nice, kind people in the jungle world, and that is a good thing. But the worst thing is that we are the most poor non-educated and non-developed also. Therefore the traders from other jungles cheat us. We have to do something about this. For this purpose I want any of you to go to the city and bring someone who can teach us, that animal would be given the honour to be my assistant. Thank you for coming here, now you can go.”
Everybody decided that the rabbit will go to the city because he was very fast and intelligent. So he started his journey. He took some food, drinks and a little money. He went to city and searched for someone. He saw some animals resting in streets while ants collecting food for winter. The rabbit at once ran and talked an ant and took the ant with him.
When he reached the jungle back, everybody was disappointed to see a tiny animal with him. They all were sad and hopeless but the rabbit was not. He ignored everybody and took the ant to his HOME.
The ant build a small school from the place which rabbit give him as a home. Soon he started teaching and the animals were now impressed with the small little ant. After a small time, the ant changed the whole forest, now this forest was most-developed.
So, it shows that nobody is small. Everyone can do anything big or small.
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Comments 34
Zainab Nice1 Zainab
Jan 29th 2018
Nuzhat Awsme nice zuper duper Nuzhat
Nov 20th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Owsm Maarij Maqsood
Jul 12th 2013
Khadijah Excellent Khadijah
Jun 23rd 2013
Raniah Its a awesome story! Raniah
Jul 25th 2012
Aiman Excellent Aiman
Mar 2nd 2012
sarah ****** ZABAR10 ******* Sarah
Feb 23rd 2012
REHO Its true that nobody is small and big every body is equal Reho
Feb 3rd 2012
Aliza Hey nimra... i know who u r.....nimra farooque..right????/ Aliza
Nov 12th 2011
NIMRA Hi aliza i am your friiend guess who i am.......... Nimra
Nov 6th 2011
Aliza Thnx Aliza
Oct 13th 2011
Momina Areeb your picture is very cute! Mashallah wonderful story! Momina
Oct 12th 2011
Izza A.O.A! Aliza Syed, I'm really thankful to you.Thanks a lot for liking my personality & I've read your intro by viewing your screen.Jazakallah Kharen. Izza
Sep 27th 2011
Dazzling I really lyk it...!!!(-: Dazzling
Sep 20th 2011
Bint waseem Gud! Bint Waseem
Sep 6th 2011
Aliza Izza baji, i have given intro on my screen, u can view it. nd i think u r the most polite person on vshine. :-) Aliza
Sep 4th 2011
Izza A.O.A!..Aliza Syed, i think i asked you for your INTRO please.Jazakallah Kharen. Izza
Sep 3rd 2011
Aliza So nyc of u , iza baji, Aliza
Aug 31st 2011
Izza ALIZA ROcks Izza
Aug 31st 2011
Izza A.O.A!.....HEY,,ALIZA IS R8>>>!! Izza
Aug 31st 2011
Mahnoor I like it so muchhhh Mahnoor
Aug 29th 2011
Aliza Not true aamna, everyone has own choice. if u dont liked my stuff u can say that its bad , i'll never mind Aliza
Aug 26th 2011
aamna Just you jealous from other but your story is nice if anyone make a nice drawing the you should say about there drawing that it is nice. Aamna
Aug 24th 2011
Bareera Wow! Bareera
Aug 16th 2011
Zainab Wonderfulllllllll!!!!!!!! Zainab
Aug 9th 2011
Momina Nice story Momina
Aug 8th 2011
l It is a nice story. L
Aug 3rd 2011
Farha Fantastic story:-) Farha
Jul 29th 2011
Fatima Good one Fatima
Jul 28th 2011
Wafa Moralistic story good! keep it up! Wafa
Jul 27th 2011
Aliza Well thanks Aliza
Jul 27th 2011
areeb So meaning ful and nice story Areeb
Jul 27th 2011
Namra Nice,moralistic and attractive story. Namra
Jul 26th 2011
Fizzah So meaning ful and nice story Fizzah
Jul 25th 2011

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