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Wardah Nasir
Wardah Nasir
Beacon House Gulariz Campes
The Zoo Tigers
Published On Jul 23rd 2011
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When I went to the zoo with my parents, my mother and father went to see the panda while I went to see the tigers. I saw two tigers in the cage. The tigers were crying and they said get us out of here. Then I said ok I opened the cave and the tigers jumped on me. Then suddenly I thought that once I read a book in which there was that tigers are very strong and can kill human. I hid under the tree I saw a big basket and a rope near me. The tigers came near me and I threw the basket and the rope finely I caught the two tigers. I became happy but from the tiger roar the zoo keeper came and said it is dangerous you should not open the cage. I said Sorry I did not knew. Forgive me. The zookeeper Said Ok I forgive you but do not do it again you understands? And then I went to my father and mother and I told to them the whole story and then they were very happy and they gave me money but scolded me because it was very dangerous.
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Comments 27
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 15th 2014
Bareera Nyc Bareera
Aug 30th 2011
Bareera Nyc Bareera
Aug 30th 2011
Laiba Gud story. plz be my frnd tooo Laiba
Aug 24th 2011
Zainab Nyccc story....plz be my friend Zainab
Aug 23rd 2011
areeb How you make friends Areeb
Aug 22nd 2011
wardah Its ok wafa and aliza i will be your friend :) Wardah
Aug 22nd 2011
Aliza Wardah will you be my friend? i love your story Aliza
Aug 15th 2011
Wafa Iam sorry warda if you mind my saying it lame it's anexellent story. iam really really really sorry Wafa
Aug 12th 2011
wardah Areeb howww Wardah
Aug 10th 2011
wardah Areeb stop this Wardah
Aug 8th 2011
areeb wardah wardah wardah Areeb
Aug 3rd 2011
areeb Good stoyGood stoyGood GoodGood stoy stoystoy Areeb
Aug 2nd 2011
areeb MagicBall2.exe Areeb
Aug 2nd 2011
wardah Thank you farha Wardah
Jul 31st 2011
Farha Good try wardah:) Farha
Jul 29th 2011
Wafa Its so boring and lame Wafa
Jul 27th 2011
areeb Very nice story ok wardah Areeb
Jul 26th 2011
Aliza Keep it up! :-) Aliza
Jul 26th 2011
Fizzah Very nice story Fizzah
Jul 25th 2011
wardah Thanx areeb , javaria and hurriya Wardah
Jul 24th 2011
areeb Good stoy Areeb
Jul 24th 2011
hurriya Gud imagination wardah and nice story i <3 it Hurriya
Jul 24th 2011
javaria Unreal but nice imagination. Javaria
Jul 24th 2011
wardah Thanks for your comments Wardah
Jul 24th 2011
wardah Thanks for your comments Wardah
Jul 24th 2011
Momina Lame lame lame lame Momina
Jul 23rd 2011

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