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Fizzah Baig
Fizzah Baig
Caa Model School 2
The Haunted House
Published On Jul 23rd 2011
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Once upon a time we read in a newspaper that there is a haunted house in a town. It is famous for scary things n shadows. The people whoever lived there ran after one week. People said that there are ghost and witches in the house. when my father told me this news, i felt scary but little bit curious in it, at night i couldn't slept just thought about the house than i decided to go there to see the actual story. i am very curious in horror things. next morning when i woke up i told my friends about this, then me, Rabbia, Rameen, Bisma n Mahrukh went for searching. the people residing near the house told us that there are witches, vampires, wizards, devil, skeleton, dead body, skull and cross bones and so on.....when my friends and I heard this, we felt that there is ghost in front of us, for a moment we hesitated whether to go or not but we took courage and went to the house when we push the door a creeping voice came and then a bucket full of mud fell on us ,and door closed automatically. Then we felt that there was ghost in this house, it was horrible. When we went up stairs a spider web was blocking the way. I felt miserable than we went upstairs in a room. there were big and scary shadows, we thought that there are some persons than we went toward kitchen and found blood and in the next room skeletons were hanging with fan and skull and cross bones, then we walked very fast, then we saw a very big bulb but couldn't find the button then a ghost came in front of us and we ran to a room. There we found the button and press it and then we took another round of the home. now we knew the real story some scaring sound was coming but we went forward then we knew that the shadows were of trees and in the kitchen it was not blood drops but ketchup and the skeleton and skull were not real, they were there to scare the people .then we followed the sound and found a room in which there were vampires, wizards, witches, ghosts, devil, and so on...when we went in the room they were trying to scare us but we were brave and turn on light. Actually they were children in fancy dress and the ghost was there boss. Then we told this to every one. Next morning we read in news paper that the haunted house was not really haunted the five friends Fizzah, Bisma, Rabbia, Rameen and Mahrukh found the real thing about it. IT WAS MISERABLE...

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Comments 42
Nimra Gr8 fiza :) Nimra
Mar 29th 2013
Fizzah Thankzzz bint dud3.....!!!! Fizzah
Sep 9th 2012
Saba Hmmm good job Saba
Aug 12th 2012
Fizzah Thankx ashbar seher n dua...!!!! Fizzah
Jul 26th 2012
Sehar Nice creation !!! Sehar
May 31st 2012
amna Good Amna
Feb 15th 2012
abeera The story is very good with a very good ending Abeera
Nov 30th 2011
Momina Wafa so sorry! i loveddd this story, my friend/cousin write these comments! you can even check ive pressed the like button! Momina
Oct 12th 2011
Fizzah Thanks ok muhammad Fizzah
Sep 17th 2011
Mohammmad Fizzah Good Written! I am not a private teacher... I am a 7th class student.....OKAY??? Mohammmad
Sep 14th 2011
usaidkhan Awesome Usaidkhan
Sep 12th 2011
hurriya Nice story ! Hurriya
Aug 19th 2011
Itachi Not boring it is nyc Itachi
Aug 15th 2011
Saba 10 Saba
Aug 15th 2011
Fizzah In which class u r bint??? Fizzah
Aug 14th 2011
Saba Yesssssssssssssssssssss u r ryt fizah Saba
Aug 11th 2011
Fizzah What do u say i cant understand bint well in which u r plz reply i guess u r asking my class i read in class 7 Fizzah
Aug 10th 2011
Fizzah No alina no need to say sorry u r rite that if i dont do mistake so how can i be good? Fizzah
Aug 10th 2011
Momina No but some are Momina
Aug 8th 2011
alina Well I don't meant to discourage you but the story is foolish because I am commenting it if she is not going to make mistakes then how she is going to be good in writing????plz don't mind my dear frnd Fizzah..I apologise and feeling sorry plz excuse me ............... Alina
Aug 5th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc!!!! Bint Waseem
Aug 4th 2011
wardah Not so boring Wardah
Aug 2nd 2011
areeb Boring,boring,boring Areeb
Aug 2nd 2011
Namra Good Namra
Jul 31st 2011
Saba U r always welcum dear ur stroy is simply awesummm .... its great dont think i m wrting becoz not to discourge u i jst loved it ...& also jst lyk ur display image.... well in wich u r plz rply :) Saba
Jul 31st 2011
Aliza No need to say thanks, your story was REALLY nice Aliza
Jul 29th 2011
Fizzah Yah i also agreed wafa is every story boring for u exept your story? Fizzah
Jul 29th 2011
Wafa Momina is every story boring for you. Wafa
Jul 27th 2011
Wafa If its real then its good but if its false story than you should not write stories like this anymore but its not so bad. Wafa
Jul 27th 2011
Fizzah Thanks bint n aliza Fizzah
Jul 27th 2011
areeb Boring Areeb
Jul 26th 2011
Saba Good Effort Saba
Jul 26th 2011
Fizzah Thanks aisha Fizzah
Jul 26th 2011
Aliza Seeing other comments dont be discouraged,ok. it nyc story Aliza
Jul 26th 2011
Aisha Nice story. I like it, you all should not discourage her. Aisha
Jul 25th 2011
alina It's simply nice but it is stupid story full of non-sense.....!!!!! Alina
Jul 25th 2011
javaria Nice effort Javaria
Jul 24th 2011
wardah Boring Wardah
Jul 24th 2011
shazma Not much bad ! Shazma
Jul 23rd 2011
Farha Not very boring its nyc yar Farha
Jul 23rd 2011
Abdur-Rahman Boring,boring,boring Abdur-rahman
Jul 23rd 2011
Momina Thats really boring Momina
Jul 23rd 2011

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