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Omar Asif
Omar Asif
Middle East International School
Is Tv A Waste Of Time?
Published On Jul 23rd 2011
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Do you like TV? I dont know you may or not but in my opinion it’s really a waste of time because watching TV turns your mind from everything else your homework your chores and even your family. When you’re watching TV you don’t feel like anyone is around you even though their is and sometimes you’re watching TV for a very long time and when you stop you re absent minded you don’t have any idea about what you’re doing or what’s happening and it can get even worse you can lose your eyesight you may have hearing problems so its better not to watch TV you can do other activities like reading studying or even playing and soon you’ll figure out that its better than watching TV. Now what’s your opinion is it a waste of time or not?
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Comments 3
Ali I dont agree with you because if there are bad programs on t.v there are good too it is upon you that what kind of programs you like to watch.and your next argument in support of your article is that when u are watching t.v u became absent minded so i would like to say that in case of computer when u are doing ur work u also don't feel that someone is around u so watching good programs on t.v is not bad. Ali
Aug 27th 2011
Fizzah I agree with u n aisha but every person watch tv u tell me omar do u not watch tv any time?? Fizzah
Jul 27th 2011
Aisha I agree with this article but T.V is always not waste of time, coz some programs in T.V are informative and Islamic. Aisha
Jul 23rd 2011

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