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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
The Vampiress Chapter 7
Published On Jul 10th 2018
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Chapter 7: Meet My Friends
“Wow! Superheroes are real?” Adalyn added to the infinite number of questions she asked Noah. Of course, he was tired from all these questions.
“Come on. I think you should meet somebody.” Noah told her. Adalyn, a bit shaken that she was interrupted, huffed at his interference. She acted like Chloé Bourgeois from Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir (Yes, I’m a big fan). But quickly returned to her Adalyn ‘state’ and was normal and followed Noah. He called somebody on his phone and in an instant Adalyn could see three people in the distance. Adalyn at once turned to asked Noah but before she could utter a single word Noah’s finger landed on his lips as a sign of ‘shut it’ and he said “No more questions!” and they entered the room. A girl came running to Noah along with two boys “Noah, how are you?” The girl immediately asked but not in a Chloé Bourgeois way but in a genuine and sweet, friendly way. “Hi Faith! Adalyn meet Faith. Faith meet Adalyn.” Faith enthusiastic to meet Adalyn shook her hand, firmly. Adalyn looked to Faith and beamed at her. Faith was so beautiful, platinum blonde hair, extremely fair skin and an amazing taste in fashion. Yes, Adalyn was a bit jealous but not in a bad way. “Adalyn, you are absolutely stunning!” Faith exclaimed, Adalyn just blushed and muttered a thank you. “Okay. Adalyn meet Logan. Logan meet Adalyn.” Logan had brown hair and grey eyes. He was really cute! They both greeted each other. “Now, Adalyn meet Grayson. Grayson meet Adalyn.” Grayson had blonde hair and blue eyes. Handsome! “Okay Noah we have to go. See you in school!” Faith told him and vanished. Witches and wizards… probably.
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Comments 2
Berha @urwa, i know. this is soooo boring I have submitted many times but nothing :( Berha
Nov 6th 2018
Urwa Berha!When r u going to post the next part????Plzzzz let it be soon🙏🙏And by the way has vshine stopped or sth cuz its been like super duper long and no new posts its like soooo inactive!!!Whhhyyyyy????😒😒😫😫i have send some of my writings too but no nothing😞😞when I first joined vshine I was like wow but now it is soooo boring😩😩 Urwa
Oct 21st 2018

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